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An chuxia

Oerlikon no not oregon Oerlikon, Schweizerland

An chuxia

Oerlikon no not oregon Oerlikon, Schweizerland

7th grader living in cheese country in his parent's basement   house and probably the only person in cheese mountainous people country that watches asian dramas. def not because i am half thai

thanks an chuxia for letting me borrow your IGN here muahaha. 

no my name is not actually anny chuxia the third. check my pfp for more infos on my name

for business inquiry contact me at : [email protected] jk don't 

anyways please educate me on j-ent it seems like a really interesting iceberg

My biggest flex is that i used to go to the same school as Pleng Chontida and Pharita from babymonster when they were still there during my time in thailand (:

(order matters, first= i still like more)

Fav male hongkong actor - Leslie Cheung , Tony Leung (both), Jackie Chan

fav female hongkong actress - Anita Mui, Karena Lam, Anita Yuen

fav chinese actor - Hu Ge, Liu Yuning, Du Chun, Chen Zheyuan , Zhang Ruoyun

fav chinese actress -  Zhao Liying, Dilraba, Liu Shishi, Zhang Yaqin , Yang Zi

fav thai actor - Pong Nawat, Mark Prin , James Ma

fav thai actress - Vill Wannarot, Pleng Chontida ,Nune Woranuch

fac korean actor - Gong Yoo,  Han Seokkyu,  Hyun bin

fav korean actress - Rachel Park Minyoung, Kim Youjung, IU 

fav japanese actor - MatsuJun

fav japanese actress - Nakama Yukie 

fav Hongkong Movie -  A Better Tomorrow (expecially ss3) , Inner Senses (2002)

fav Chinese Drama - Joy of Life/ An Ancient Love Song/ The Legend of Shen Li

fav Kdrama  - Marry My Husband / Dr. Romantic S1

fav Thai Drama - Pitsawat, Tae Pang Korn

fav Dorama - gokusen

fav anime - Your lie in april ( i wanna watch the dorama so bad)

contact me if you want english , german , thai , french,lao subs in thai drama , german shows or any english speaking shows! i'm not sure if laos has an entertainment business

No one can bully me because i already bully myself

- the actual An Chuxia 

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