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I'm an Indian software developer that has been incurably addicted to Korean Dramas since 2014. Over the years, there has never been a period of time when I'm not watching a new drama or re-watching an old one.

I love learning about new cultures and these dramas, provide a little peek into theirs. Barring the over-the-top or unrealistic portrayal of the world that the characters sometimes live in, I have learnt so much about the people, the language, the country, its history. I solemnly wish I get the chance to visit the country someday and have a first hand experience of the culture that I have grown to love and respect. 

Since I began watching the dramas,  I've changed so much as a person. Somehow watching these stories, and these characters, their lives, their struggles, their mistakes, their own lessons has made me a better version of my self. It is probably one of the main reasons, the dramas will always hold a special spot in my life. Truly grateful for them!

Apart from watching dramas, I also enjoy sketching (the sketch of Jang Keun Suk in my profile picture was made by me), writing, and learning new languages! 

I want to list out a few of my all-time favorite dramas that I would highly recommend that you watch. I'm just listing them randomly, I couldn't put one before the other even if I wanted to, all of them are wonderful in their own respect. So here it is:

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I saw this drama for the first time two years ago and even after having watched it twice since, I have only loved it all the more. My heart still hopes that we get another season of this beautiful show. Few dramas have been able to impact me ass much as this one did, I still tear up recalling the story. The characters, their story arc, their bonds - it was one of a kind. All the people involved in the making of this drama have my admiration.

Kill Me, Heal Me

My mind was blown while I watched the show. God, just writing about this show makes me want to rewatch it. I loved how the main plot of the show was carried through the series. I have not seen a better execution of the topic, not in KDramas at least. Please let me know if there is an equally good or better (I'm skeptic that there will be) show of the same genre.

Cruel City

This is an old one, and there have been many additions to this genre since, but  none have made me feel the way Cruel City did. The show had an innate rawness about it. The good, the bad, the ugly - everything felt very real. I loved how the noir, dark theme was maintained till the end. There are no delusions, or promises of a fairytale, because sometimes life is far from it - and that's what this show was all about. Wonderfully made.

One Spring Night

Rarely do I come across such beautifully heart-warming tales of love such as this. This was a magically romantic show that did not have an ounce of extravagance, which simply added to its charm. The love these people have for each other is not perfect, but it speaks to you, and leaves your heart feeling warm and hopeful. The show took me by surprise by how unpretentious and wholesome it was, do watch it!

Crash Landing On You

This drama had broken my vow of never watching currently airing dramas. I'd endured the excruciating wait of days/weeks to be able to watch the next episodes, which was a first time for me. I'd already watched the aired episodes twice while waiting for the next few episodes - I hope that tells you how hopelessly in love I was and still am, with this show. It was unrealistic, it was impractical, but more than all that, it heartwarming, memorable and lovely in ways that only great stories are.

Some of the other wonderful works that have stayed with me till date for various reasons:

Familiar Wife ●  Encounter  ●  Pinocchio  ●   Goblin  ●  Romance is a Bonus Book  ●  It's Okay, That's Love ●  Rookie Historian  Goo Hae Ryung  ●  Miss HammurabiStill 17


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Thank you for visiting my profile and taking time out to read it all,  I hope you have a wonderful day!


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