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Tokyo Vice Season 2 japanese drama review
Tokyo Vice Season 2
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by The Butterfly
Abr 4, 2024
10 of 10 episódios vistos
No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.5
Musical 7.5
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"There are times when the right choice is not always the moral choice"

Tokyo Vice Season 2 started off where S1 ended with characters’ lives in jeopardy or completely snuffed out. With Tozawa in the wind, the drama took the time to explore other crimes in Tokyo and the private lives of the journalists. When the Dark Lord of the Underworld returned with a diabolical strategy to own Japan, the heroes would be put to the test. While not as taut as the previous season, S2 was still engaging.

Due to serious threats against them, Jake and Katagiri are forced to lie low. Ishida draws Sato closer into his confidence after the attacks from S1 even as he makes a returning yakuza his second in command. When Sato’s brother is courted by the new Oyabun it leads a reluctant Sato on the path he had never wanted but cannot seem to escape. Samantha mourns the loss of her friend as she opens her new club. Having the yakuza for a business partner begins to take its toll. Things at the newspaper are going smoothly until Tozawa returns and our intrepid gang of journalists and police officers discover that neither the newspaper nor the police department are willing to take on the Dark Lord of the Underworld. When all seems lost an unexpected ally arises to bring help when they need it. The good guys will have to dirty their hands and cross lines that can’t be uncrossed if they want to bring Tozawa down.

The first few episodes took some readjustments in expectations after the powerful ending of S1. Having been credibly threatened by Tozawa, both Jake and Katagiri had to keep their investigations under the radar and focus on pursuing other stories and cases. The drama became more episodic procedural until Tozawa returned and upended everyone’s lives. The private lives of the journalists were explored which will be hit or miss determined by your interest in that angle. Even though little time had passed Jake was less titchy and agitated yet still arrogant enough to believe he was always right. His position at the paper seemed well established. Sam’s behavior was more empathetic for a girl on the hustle. Unchanged, Katagiri was a rock and the guy you wanted in your corner and not as your enemy. After the break in trust from the last season, Jake earned it back, with Katagiri stepping into a sensei or surrogate father role to the brash journalist. The two adrenaline junkies were dogged in their desire to expose Tozawa’s sinister plot. Emi came into her full power as she defied her supervisor in pursuing the risky stories. Her love life seemed to suspiciously follow Sarah's from Love Actually. Most of the sexism and racism from the first season were gone in the second. The rigid system of invisible rules and alliances stayed in place. Katagiri, Jake, and Emi would all make decisions to bring about justice that would have consequences.

Like Jake and Katagiri, I was impatient for Tozawa’s return. The malevolent yakuza drove the action in season 1 and in season 2 as well. When he was off-screen the characters were treading water unaware that the great white shark was biding his time, lulling them into a false sense of security before striking again. I enjoyed the growth in different characters as they were all propelled toward the culmination of deeds and revenge. There were lapses in continuity and logic when the heroes were in deep water swimming with the sharks. Despite those lapses, Tokyo Vice served up a deliciously satisfying ending.

4 April 2024
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