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In Abyss Hall....


In Abyss Hall....
⭕ Landscape Mode or Desktop Site Mode(in Google Chrome)is recommended to have a better look at my profile. I usually update the page in the month of April and October....

नमस्ते! [Hello!]

I am Sharanya (शरण्या ) from India (भारत ).

I'm sure you don't know me before, but you must have known about India.

If by any chance you don't know, then let me tell you.....

India, such a beautiful country like the whole world fitted in it. 

A diverse country having multiple cultures, languages, delicious food, a rich history, lovely & different types of music, and every kind of beautiful scenery you wish to see at different places in the world, all at one place.

Fluent in  Hindi (हिन्दी ), at which I'm proud of. 

 Learned  English  as my secondary language, so don't mind my poor English skills.

Love to watch dramas for fun, great stories, inspirations and to learn some good life lessons.

Especially interested in Chinese Dramas and Occasionally watch Korean Dramas and others as well,  but  BLs  are  Not Really My Thing. 

Indian Historical TV Shows are my love and same goes for Chinese Historicals. 

(By Chinese Historicals, I mean all the genres... Palace dramas,  Xianxia, Wuxia and Xuanhuan)
My journey  started with East Asian Dramas in May 2022 & I joined MDL in  August 2023 . Till now I have watched over 50 Dramas, some are good, some are not but I'm still wanting more.

...A Harry Potter Fan or you can say a Potterhead...

⭕ Feel delighted to share my thoughts with everyone. The emphasis of my reviews is mainly on Characters and Plot, then Acting, OSTs, Costumes and Ending. If you don't mind some minor spoilers, you'll find them worth your time. 

 I Rate the dramas without being biased to my favorites. Not keen to give bad reviews but if I gave any it means I'm utterly disappointed. My given Ratings and Reviews are my humble opinions based on my personal experience, no offence mean to anyone. Additionally, if needed, I adjust the ratings in case I have overrated or underrated any drama or movie previously.


RATING SYSTEM for Long-Run Dramas (more than 30 minutes) & Movies (90 minutes or more:-

10.0 ~ Marvelous and Irreplaceable for me.
9.5 ~ Almost Perfect.
9.0 ~ Fantastic but lacks a little bit.
8.5 ~ Above Average but Enjoyable.
8.0 ~ Average but still a Good Watch.
7.5 ~ Watchable but could have been better.
7.0 ~ Below Average but still acceptable.
6.5 - 6.0 ~ Dropping Zone, Not my cup of tea.
5.5 and Below ~ Total Disappointment.

RATING SYSTEM for Short-Run Dramas (30 minutes or less) & Movies (less than 90 minutes:-

8.5 - 8.0 ~ Fabulous 
7.5 - 7.0 ~ Enjoyable 
6.5 - 6.0 ~ Good but could have been better.
5.5 - 4.5 ~ Just Watchable
4.0 and Below ~ Not Worth

Don't really rate a Drama 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ until I loved it very heartedly. It might have flaws, but for me, it must had  gave me satisfaction in almost every aspect I expected, or exceeded my expectations.

⭕ I like to read  others' opinion as well; to  understand different perspectives and learn more, so feel free to share your thoughts with me.
⭕ Don't try to be rude or unreasonable and make a simple conversation into unnecessary debate. It'll ruin the mood for both of us & also shows manners and thoughtfulness of a person.

....... Always ready to Make Friends .......

My Favourite Actors and Actresses in East Asian Dramas and  the First Drama I have watched with them (Zoom in the images, if needed).....


⭕ Link to the Extended List of My Favourite Actors......

Click Here:- Extended List of My Favourites


⭕ Link to the Extended List of My Favourite Actresses.......

Click Here:- Extended List of My Favourites

  Link to the list of my All-time Favourite Dramas......

  Click here:- Dramas I Loved

I Don't have a specific criteria or standard to like a character(except it should be strong), but I think, I like Morally Grey Characters more (I'm not sure either) be it a male or female..... I certainly have reasons to love a character, if you're curious of reason about any of my favourite characters, you are welcome to ping me anytime... 


Favourite Characters (Male)




Favourite Characters (Female)



 ⭕ Updated  in April 2024.....


 ⭕ Thanks for visiting! Have a nice time ahead...

 नमस्ते! [Goodbye!]


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