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My Basic Preference:  I always seek a Strong Story, whatever the genre is I don't care But the story has to be Intense, mature, well-developed, and of course gripping. If it doesn't make me curious like what's gonna happen next, then I am not into it.  

Genre Preference: 

  1. Thriller: This is my favorite genre as by default if offers intensity and keeps hooked till the last.
  2. Drama/RomCom: In the case of Romance, it has to be mature and chemistry has to be deep. Sometimes sweet,  cliche, and cheesy work for me, but that depends on my mood. 
  3. Action: usually, I'm not too fond of Action cause most action drama is mainly focused on action sequences and usually cares little to zero about the story.  

My Rating Guideline: My rating depends on my preference and mood of course. Also, it varies depending on the genre. The rating criteria of RomCom will definitely be not the same as Thriller. Tried to explain it here:

My RatingCategory
You say Drama, I heard "LOVE"
I loved them, loved every element of this show. 
9.5 - 9
Highly Recommended
These are "Almost" perfect. 
8.5 - 8
I liked and enjoyed the whole time watching them. Perhaps it could be better.
7.5 - 7
It was good but failed at some point. Maybe draggy or maybe started well but lost track or maybe failed to serve what was promised.
6.5 - 6Not BadNeither bad nor good. It had all the elements but remained underutilized. Sometimes it depends on the mood and genre you like,  anyway, didn't click for me.
5.5 - 4.5
Badwatchable, but not enjoyable, some elements are good but mostly trash.
1 - 4
Waste your time at your own risk. I really don't know why they exist. 
0Yet to RateHaven't watched a sufficient number of episodes to rate

** Disclaimer: My rating depends on what my mood was right at the point when I watched it, whether it clicked or not. That's why I have found some high-rated dramas boring but some lower-rated ones very enjoyable.** 


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