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Probably within reach of a coffee


Probably within reach of a coffee

I am not shy about expressing whether I think something is good or bad. I have rankings. I have opinions. Lots of 'em. Want to know what I think? Just ask. I like sharing my thoughts. Don't agree? That's ok. I'm open minded. I'll listen to your side. Shoot me a message, but be prepared for a long reply. I am harsh when I score a show for a review, but that's because only the really outstanding shows should get high marks. Here's a breakdown on how I look at my scores:

9.5 - one of the best shows ever. Unlikely to have more than a couple of these per year.

9.0 - one of the best shows of the year. Might be a handful with the 9.5s each year. 

7.5-8.5 - a very good show and recommended, but had some weak spots

5.5-7.0 - not a bad watch, but probably not for everyone and definitely has issues

3.5-5.0 - might have some positives, but outweighed easily by the negatives

3.0 or below - Ugh.

I have only given one drama and one movie a 10. It's possible I would give out more in the future, but nothing I am currently watching has a chance. I will say though two shows in 2021 came really close.  Also, I don't read reviews that have a 10 rating ("It's the best show ever! I love it! It's perfect!" - sorry, that's boring)

Spend my day running the family coffee biz. 

I like noodles. I don’t like cigarettes. I like jeans. I don't like country music. I like when things have a spot that they always go back to. I don't like podcasts.  I like big dogs. I don't like cold feet. I like my AirPods. I don’t like umbrellas. I like landscape photography. I don’t particularly like beaches. I like having a daily routine even though it makes me feel a little old. I don't like people giving me unsolicited advice. I like deleting songs that I have decided no longer fit on a playlist. I don't like holiday or seasonal creep. I like supporting my fellow local, small businesses. Although I used to love it when I was a kid, I don't like baseball. Although I am no expert, I like that I can get by just enough when eating with chopsticks. I don't like to shave which is why I have a beard although I'll admit it's only an OK beard. I like using Apple Pay because I don't have to carry anything but my phone. I don't like my workspace to be messy although I'm pretty chill when places that are not my workspace are messed up. I like that my daughter says the only normal dad thing I do is watch football. I don't like Band Aids that won't stick on well after they get just a little bit barely wet. I like to be really, really fast, when I have to shop in a brick & mortar store. I don't like scented soap. I like reading the news, not watching it. I don't like meetings especially the ones that last more than 45 minutes. Even though it makes me feel like a spoiled softy, I like my car's heated steering wheel. I don't like when I forget never, NEVER! read the comments on the internet. I like a short nap on a comfy couch. I don't like that I'm supposed to keep organized files and hard copies and records in this supposed digital, paperless age. I like being the first one in my family to discover something new. I don't like when important things don't have deadlines because if it doesn't have one, I never seem to get it done. I like to come home and immediately put on a hoodie. I don't like ridiculously large pickup trucks. I like when I can see the raw data and draw my own conclusion. I don’t like when I wake up two minutes before my alarm is going to go off. I like backhanded compliments when people are trying to complain. I don't like all the cuts and rashes I get from all the cardboard packaging I have to deal with. I like that I'm not a novice photographer, but man, I am so far from being good at it. I don't like car rides without music. I like cheap eyeglasses because it's not like expensive ones are going to make me prettier and I know I would lose or break expensive ones. I don't like insulated travel mugs because they do their job too well and the drink never cools off so I can drink it. I like having the same five tabs open on my web browser all the time (sorry, all for work, not MDL). I don't like when a customer orders "My usual" and I have no idea what their usual is. I like researching big purchases. I don't like that for some of my vendors, the easiest way to order is still to make a call and talk to someone. I like giving gifts that have some practical purpose which is why so many things I give are related to food. I don't like how stressful it is to try to get ready to go on a vacation. I like a lot of movie characters, but I probably like Edna Mode and Anton Ego more than any others. I don't like when people want to one-up what I just said instead of, y'know, listening to me and caring about what I'm saying. I like the NYT Cooking app. I don’t like how I don’t seem to be able to sleep when I travel. I like a pair of really good socks even if they’re expensive. I don’t like hearing about the girl from my high school that got famous as a food blogger. I like eating breakfast at non-breakfast times of the day. It's not that I mind being told to do things, but I don't like when I'm told that I have to drop what I'm doing right now and do something else immediately. I like limes far more than lemons. I don't like that being a less than completely obsessed fan makes me feel like I'm being looked down on by the completely obsessed fans. I like ignoring the directions and figuring it out by myself with trial & error. I don't like when I go back to regular broadcast channels and have to sit through commercials. Admitting I'm wrong isn't fun but I do like that I like that I'm open-minded enough to change my thinking. I'm not bad at trivia but, thanks to one of my nephews, I don't like trivia games. I like setting a low bar and being pleasantly surprised more than I like the opposite. I don’t like how we spend so much time and money on yard work. I like how, with very rare exceptions, everything defies attempts to simplify them. I don't like glare on my screen. I like not wearing a coat until it is well below freezing. I don't like that the tracking information on package shipments is so unreliable. I like resealable bags. I don't like events that are purely ceremonial. I like using milk crates for all kinds of things because they have handles, are stackable and virtually indestructible. I don't like how I have clothes that I'll never wear again and they won't just magically vanish from my closet. I like that I have a reason to get up, get moving and get out every day. I don't like how much work and stress are involved with the holiday season. I like when I time crossing the bridge in the morning just right and I get a clear view of the sunrise over the river valley. I don't like how sometimes Apple and Google agree that their products should work together seamlessly and sometimes they're like "Nah, not this time". I like stickers. I don't like puns. I like Czech style dark lagers more than any other type of beer.  I tend to dislike almost all food trucks since you wait a long time & don't get that much food for the $. I like nicknames. It's crazy that I don't like sleeping in but every time I do it, I get stressed out that I have to rush to get all my stuff done. Even though I'm an old cynical guy that was hell bent on ignoring K Pop, I can't help how much I like it and especially how a lot of the idols are even more entertaining behind the scenes than they are performing. I don't like when I tell a customer that I'll be with them in a minute and they ignore what I just said and immediately start barking their order at me. I like the quiet moments after the storm more than the ones before it. I don't like shopping on websites that have hundreds and thousands of items in the same category because how am I supposed to sort through them all? I like the first two training sessions with a new staff member. I don't like pencils and especially mechanical pencils. I like the calm after the storm more than the one before it. I don't like twist ties. I like to drop very large tips to servers when I get a chance to visit another food biz. I don't like how hard it is to write some days. I like the Christmas card letter my family did this year in the form of a multiple choice test. I don't like how uncomfortable the chairs in our dining room are. I like having a little time in the morning to myself to catch up mentally. I don't like having more than fifty unread emails in my inbox. I like my staff but especially when they figure things out on their own. I don't like driving when it's dark and rainy. I like working incrementally, rather than wholesale methods, on making changes (personal or professional). I have a pretty low bar for the amount of narration in anything before I don't like it. My son got a subscription to Mubi for Christmas and it is very cool and I like it. I don't like when I'm an idiot and don't pay attention to the "Low Gas Tank" warnings in my car and am in full stress mode until I get to the closest gas station. I like asking customers who are visiting from out of town what has brought them to the neighborhood. I don't like when adults my age (not disclosing what that age is thank you very much) think young adults/teens are idiots and lazy. I like how a freshly opened Sharpie writes. It's probably a cliche' but I don't like how ridiculously short the days are in winter. I like that I rarely have to drive more than about ten minutes at any one time for my work. I don't like when the time arrives for me to start putting those long-procrastinated projects in to motion. I like kids that aren't afraid to talk to me. I'm starting to not like the unbuttoned flannel shirt over a t-shirt look which is a problem because that's been my work uniform for the past almost eight years and I have no idea what to do instead. I like that seemingly too brief few moments when a hot drink is just the right temperature. I don't like having what feels like an identical conversation with the same person over and over again. It's not going to be an easy habit to get used to but I like that I'm trying to reduce the meat consumption in my diet. I really don't like when I have to put rock salt down on the sidewalk and/or driveway. I like that my little dog pretty much refuses to move from his spot once he’s asleep. Potatoes are awesome in almost every form but whoever thought fries on pizza was a good idea, I don’t like that guy.  I like when a room is not too brightly lit. Video games? Board games? Card games? Don't like 'em (maybe an occasional exception?) I like how owning my own food business means I rarely have to go to a supermarket. I don't like scented candles. Super trivial, but I like how stiff the hinges usually are in a new pair of glasses. I so don't like heights. I like that it is now more likely that me keeping my kids up late at night than them keeping me up. I don't like calendars (except for the MDL My List one).  I like how much room I get to write a profile here and cheers to your diligence if you're still reading. I don't like packing a lunch but I'm giving it a shot right now since I'm trying to cut back on meat intake (packing bibinangmyeon today and this might be something I can stick with). I like a log burning fireplace. I don’t like white t-shirts (mostly because of how much I spill on it if I wear one). I like so much that we have an invisible fence for our dogs. I apparently don't like winter boots since I had to go out in eight fresh inches of snow today and realized I don't have any.  I like the occasional slow day of business so I have a bit more energy when I head home. I don't like that there's a customer that keeps leaving magazines (especially those geared for Second Amendment fans) at my shop. I like my Hoka shoes. I don't like when my driveway has one icy spot but I still manage to start my day by falling thanks to it. I like that this morning I was going to write a reply here that was probably just instigating trouble and thought better of it. The comment I was going to reply to? I didn't like it because it was 1000 words long and could have been wholly replaced with "I didn't like it so I dropped it".  I like that my baker is my best employee and a wonderful human being and makes killer scones. I don't like how frequently I have to defrost one of our bar refrigerators. I like how convenient it is to have a hardware store across the street from one of our stores. I don't like that they're going to close after an unbelievable 134 years of being in business. We have these long handled measuring spoons and it is unreal how such a little thing is so great and I like them very much. I don't like and frankly am mystified at how my staff often thinks that the water for washing dishes should be cold. I like Gary Oldman, especially in a villain role. I don't like when I have to speak to an actual person to cancel an account. I like pickleball a little bit. I like Vans but I don't like how hard they are on my old feet. I like that first day of lovely weather after it's been brutal for weeks. I very strongly don't like the term bromance. I like watching movies that are nominated for awards. I don't like the awards shows themselves, not even a little. I kinda like going to six different little places to grocery shop instead of one supermarket. I don't like trampolines.

I like drama shows but not drama in real life.


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