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Likes:  Anything that makes me laugh!  I tend to only want to watch things that'll let me escape for a bit without depressing me.  So that means light and fluffy romcoms, comedies,  or kvariety/reality shows mostly, but I also enjoy other genres especially zombies.  I just love a well done zombie chase!

Dislikes: Depressing melodramas, soap opera style acting, or just bad acting in general.  If it's too over the top, I don't like it.  I'm also getting tired of repetitive formulaic cliches or stupid inconsistencies that make the story fall apart.   Being a drama veteran, my patience has sort of worn thin on that, so I do tend to drop dramas pretty fast now.   

How I review: Ratings are subjective and I'm a strong believer that everyone has a right to their own opinion as long as they are being respectful. For me personally,  I’m a sucker for chemistry...the kind where you can almost see the electric current between the leads.  So if the chemistry is hot, I can overlook a lot of the bad.   I also tend to concentrate on the acting vs overall  writing,  direction, etc.   Would be nice to have a cute guy to gaze at too, but it can't hold my interest for that long if there's no chemistry. 

My ratings meter:

 7 = the baseline average that was just an ok watch.  I don't regret watching it, but it's also forgettable.  Neither here nor there.

10 = The cream of the crop.  Near perfect in my eyes.  This is very hard to accomplish as I'm objective enough to see that even if I enjoyed a watch immensely, if there's even a little part that I was bored or flawed, I can't give it complete 10.  So if I rated a 10, it means I absolutely loved it and have most likely watched this a few times and still loved it as much as the first time.

The rest of the ratings you can sort of gauge from those baselines.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my profile!  Just a note, I've stopped accepting friend requests since MDL has introduced the follow feature.  Feel free to follow if you'd like.  And if you are one of those people you have voted my reviews as helpful, thanks so much for the support!!  I can't tell you how much it encourages me to keep writing!  :-)


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