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Czech living in South Korea


Czech living in South Korea
KinnPorsche: TongSprite X PrideMonth thai drama review
KinnPorsche: TongSprite X PrideMonth
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by Angrienka
Set 26, 2022
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Busting the myths around LGBTQIA+.

Although Thailand is the main producer of LGBTQIA+ themed content and many people in Thailand are labeled as "ladyboys", it remains quite homophobic, transphobic and overall not understanding country to its own people even now in the 21st century. The way Thais perceive LGBTQIA+ could be often seen in the related content, because not all shows or movies are non toxic and don't rise any red flags, which can be damagin for the comunity, for example romanticising sexual abuse or abuse in general, cheating, homophobia, etc.

Sprite and Tong from BOC sit down with Dr. Chanettee Tinnam, professor from the Mass Communication Major in the faculty of Communication Arts of Chulalongkorn University, to discuss basic knowledge around LGBTQIA+, what the acronym stands for, what are usual misconceptions related to LGBTQIA+ and their personal experience and point of view.

The lesson of this short series is not to judge and keep open mind.
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