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Word of Honor - Epilogue chinese drama review
Word of Honor - Epilogue
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by Reijir
Jun 14, 2021
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The epilogue or continuation to ep 36 and the ending to the series.

If you have watched 36 eps of Word of Honor, then do watch this as it wraps up the series and answers the questions you may have after ep 36. This small episode shows what happened to Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu after we last saw them in the armory. We also get to see Gao Xiao Lian's family. A happy end to the series and for WKX and ZZS. Nice to see them be together and retire from jianghu to teach the future disciples of the rebuilt four season's manor.

Ep 36 leaves off with Gao Xiao Lian calling everyone to a meal and here we see Deng Kuan (her husband) come to collect their son for the meal with mother. We see the disciple practicing 18 steps of Qiuming that only WKX knows so he is learning from WKX. ZZS turns up to instruct him and then WKX shows up to disagree with his teaching methods as he tends to do. Deng Kuan then whisks away his confused son, saying that the two of them have been fighting like this their entire lives and says that they are now immortals. In 36 we are shown that Chengling has rebuilt the manor near the ice mountains. So, all of them live nearby. Great that their family of three is still together.
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