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out and proud BL Actors
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 Hello and welcome to my Profile!

I'm just a normal guy, who is into dramas. 

But this Site is moslty dedicated to BLs, cause I see in it a soft power that works for the equality of love .  I've also made a List, which should contain every BL and Gay Romance, so if you look for every any recommendations, here you go :)

I love BLs from every Country, for different reasons. Here are my currently Top 3 from each Country:

My Top 3 Thai BLs1.Miracle of Teddy BearMy Top 3 PH BLs1. Like in the Movies

2. I told sunset about you
2. Gameboys (2 Seasons)

3. Not Me

3. Love Beneath the Stars
My Top 3 Taiwan BLS1. We best Love No.1My Top 3 Japanese BLs1. My Beautiful Man

2. About Youth 
2. Eternal Yesterday

3. DNA says love you
3. God's Favour
My Top 3 Korean BLs1. Light on meMy Top 3 Vietnamese BLs

1. The most peaceful Place...

2. Semantic Error
2. Follow my Sunshine

3. To my Star
3. You are ma boy

This is also a Shout Out to all the other Countries, which dare to produce m/m romance like:

  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • Signapore

Besides that, I'm also into
- psychological Horror
-Thriller, Crime and Mystery
-Dystopias and dark fantasy


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