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Most overrated TV shows
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Cautionary note:

If I don't like a show or dislike parts of it, it's simply because I don't like it, not because I'm part of some imaginary fan groups that you're feuding with.

Dislike about peoples:
- 1-Dimensional people
- People that rate shows based on their own crushes on characters.
- Obsessive fan girls (I'm not going to like your show because you're harassing me)
- People that create fake trailers on Youtube to lure people interested in a show to their lame channel.

Dislike about TV-shows:
- Bad writing
- No (emotional) depth to the story and characters (Exception to the rule is shows that are advertised as such)
- Adding adversities that are beyond generic. (e.g. predictable)
- Actors that have clearly been chosen just for looks, not their acting skills in shows where having acting skills is more important.

Regarding ratings:
- Like mentioned above, if I like or dislike a show, it's simply because I do. Not because I'm part of some (Imaginary) hate group.
- I don't give extra points on shows because I like or crush on certain actors.
- My ratings might fluctuate. Example: I might rate a show a 9 today, but after time sinks in and after viewing other series, I might drop the score to 7.5 - 8.5.

For everything else:


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