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Inside Clouds


Inside Clouds


My Name Is Bree.....I'm pretty weird  .I'm a paranoid android from another galaxy.......but be my friend anyway@_@.......My first Korean drama was My Name is Sam Soon(which I loved) but the drama that made me fall in love with Korean dramas was 49 Days. My first Thai drama was Leh Ratree and I honestly don’t remember what my other first dramas were. I enjoy movies and drama of all genres but I especially love a good psychological thriller or a criminal investigation show and anything really weird. I'm really into horror movies (even the bad ones are at least good for a laugh).I like  shows and movies with dark themes but also love romance and super cheesy over the top shows too. 

I love seeing my favorite pop stars in dramas but if it sucks it still!!!I'm Also really into reality shows like Show me the money, kpop star, infinity challenge,Roommate, terrace house, we got married.....and plenty more. I'm down to watch almost anything but the longest drama I've ever finished was 76 episodes and I rarely watch shows with that many episodes  since I'm not really a binge watcher. I almost never drop a drama.

 There is a difference between liking something and something being good so I can enjoy something without thinking it's great cinema and it might get a pretty ok rating from me but I don’t rate things higher than an 8 easily. When I rate something I think about whether or not I'd watch it again and whether it has a lasting impact on me. I'm currently obsessed with Japanese detective shows *shrugs*

My rating system:


9-loved it

8-really liked it

7-liked it

6- ok but wouldn't  watch again

5-pretty bad 

4-low key trash


Oh yeah &......Maybe I'm A vampire........ *shrugs*


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