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A little background info:

Previously, I only had an interest in anime. I had no interest in dramas whatsoever. The only reason I decided to start watching dramas was because I read on several Japanese learning blogs that they are very beneficial for learning Japanese. So I decided to download a few and give them a try. My very first drama technically was Great Teacher Onizuka (the original). However, I only watched a couple of episodes and stopped. I had also downloaded Hana Yori Dango because I read the entire manga and loved it, and wanted to see the live action.

Sometime after watching those couple of Great Teacher Onizuka episodes I decided to watch Hana Yori Dango. The rest, as they say, is history. Hana Yori Dango to this day remains one of my favorite dramas and I have watched it several times and will watch it again. At first, it would take me a month just to watch one drama. I would watch one or two episodes a week and forget about the next. But as I began to watch more dramas, I became to consume them with much more fervency. I went from watching one episode a week to one series in a day. I began to learn the names of actors and actresses, become fans of certain actors, watch all of their dramas, and I was introduced to groups like Arashi through dramas.

Now, watching Japanese dramas is pretty much a part of my life. I barely watch anime anymore. Watching them did help my Japanese greatly, and now I don't even need subtitles. Which is great because I don't have to wait for subs and I can watch series without worrying about them being picked up by a fansubbing group. Heck, I'd do subtitling myself if I had the know-how and volition to do it.

So yeah, that's my Japanese drama story. I'm slowly getting into K-dramas (mainly to help with my Korean studies, which have stalled lately...) but they haven't really hooked me like J-dramas have. I don't really have friends who share my love of Japanese dramas, unfortunately.

Me watching dramas:

As you can see, I am a panda  love pandas! My username is in honor of the lovable panda from one of my favorite anime, Shirokuma Cafe. I am not a panda who knows how to use a computer...

I think that everyone's tastes are different so if you ask me to recommend a drama, then I will recommend one based on the dramas I have seen/know. So, it may not be a drama I gave a high rating or liked a lot, but others may like it. That being said, some dramas are just plain bad all around and I wouldn't recommend at all.

I rate dramas not only based on my level of enjoyment but on the acting, storytelling, writing, and overall quality of the drama which can include but is not limited to soundtrack, casting, continuity of the plot, and production values. I rarely give tens unless I absolutely loved it and everything else was on point and I absolutely would watch it again. . Anything under a five for me was basically abysmal. 7-9 means I enjoyed it, but there may be minor flaws and it wasn't perfect. Six for me counts as average; moderately enjoyed it, but wouldn't watch it again. I have a lot of sevens, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the drama; it just didn't leave me with that "wow!" feeling. But overall, I try not to be too critical because I do realize that it's all cheesy television dramas anyway. :P

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