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Man's Romance
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Jul 23, 2022
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I can't believe I'm so in love with this reality show. One should definitely watch this if you love watching dating show. This one was unique because I've never seen gay dating show so at first i started because I thought it look interesting but never thought I will love this sooo much. (And damnn all of them are so good looking n I've got a huge crush on jeonghyeon)
I've watched episode 1 six times and that is something I never do I rarely re-watch dramas. But for this show I don't know but I can't stop myself from watching again and again.
Right now only 3 episodes are out. I can see chemistry btw few of them I don't know what's gonna happen after this but I'm excited for the further episodes.

Episode 4 & 5

While watching episode 4 and 5 i was quite disappointed by the length of the episode. But still the episodes were great. The phone call part is best. I was literally screaming from the excitement while watching it. And now I can't wait for the next episode.

Episode 6 & 7

Best part was both episode got released on same day. The room relocation was actually a good thing in my opinion. At this point I have no idea who's gonna end up with whom but yeah I have my guesses. But the pair i liked together didn't even exist i think. ಥ‿ಥ

Completed the whole show and now I badly miss the whole show. I remember when I had watched first episode how happy I was. And at that time, I didn't wanted the end to come. I wanna go back and watch this whole show again like it's my first time.
In last episode few where happy that they end up with someone they really wanted, and few where heartbroken. But yes they took this in a positive way coz they do know outside the show they'll find someone as well.

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Jun 29, 2022
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If you want to watch this show get ready for second hand embarassment at the max. Toh literally acts like some creep coz of things he does. Like who the fuck even collect things touched by their crush. But sure toh does it and man that is so embarassing. You need alot of patience to handle that I was literally screaming at toh.. like dude plz not this ...but still he does all those stuffs. But still though it was embarassing the show still looks interesting like first friends of toh i really need friends like them in my life. Apart from it toh is really cute and toh and nuea looks damnn awesome together. The other pair also look good together. Jao is so cute literally how can someone be that cute😭.
I think people should definitely watch this show coz you just need to handle those embarassing moments rest the show itself will keep you going.
Also there are moments when you are going to laugh like crazy coz I was literally laughing like some crazy person. The scenes where do hilarious.
So watch if you can handle those High level of embarassing moments ❤️

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