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BOMG's Headquarters


BOMG's Headquarters

Hi! I'm Olfa, I'm 19,  a first year med student, I'm a k-drama and K-pop lover, but I do watch C and J dramas sometimes when I want to break the routine. Looking forward to making new friends who have the same interests as I do, since I'm an introverted person who doesn't have many friends, and none of those who are kinda close to me are interested in asian drama and music, so if you want to chat you can DM me first since I'm not brave enough to make the first move.

My fandoms are (in Order): CARAT (main) ENGENE EXO-L SHAWOL MOA ARMY ONEDOOR ZEROSE and BRIIZE (still a baby fan in all of the them except carat) [Yes I like boy groups more, they feed my delulu side]

If I'm not watching a Drama I'm either watching svt GoSe or playing Rhythm Hive

MBTI: INFP-T (I feel like the T is as important as the basic ones)

NOTEWhenever I have time I try to update my profile a little bit, so please don't mind the mess that I have here (I'm still brainstorming ideas myself)

I decided to start participating in challenges this year

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