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I started watching Asian Dramas about 3 years ago, and I then started  Thai BL about 2.5 years ago and I am hooked. I love love BL actors -- I have my fave Saint  Mew , Earth (2moons2) Gun ( theory of Love )Bas Mild Jonng   -- I have nothing but respect and love for them I support each one and I will  have their back all the time. They go through a lot and it breaks my heart.  right now my FAVE BL .. Call it what you want .. I never cried so hard at ANY drama. My all-time fave BLs Love By Chance, Until we meet again, TharnType Series 1&2 Why R U ?  A tale of 100 Stars ..  there are more I adore BUT I love these. 

I am a Mom and a Grandma -  I love BL's and my "boys" I love writing and I have 6 BL novels in the works . with artwork as well. I have a good collection of BL merchandise.  SAINT and MEW  are  my bias - Best 2 men ever 

If you want to talk BL I can talk your ear off ...  

Thank you 


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