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inside Shen Li's weapon collection


inside Shen Li's weapon collection
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✮:▹ || 2023 Completed || ◃:✮

Didn't watch much this year, a student's life sucks lol... yet managed to find some good ones this year... Hopefully now next 2024 brings us…

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⚝ 2022 Completed ⚝


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#Movies Edition 2021

Although I watch less movies and I prefer short films over 2-3 hours movies. I am trying to catch up. Hope I can watch more of them this year. List…

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✰ 2021 MyDramaList ✰

Titles that I completed in the year 2021 including freshly aired dramas of 2021 and some old Dramas picked by me this year ✩✮☆With a summary…

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