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K-Drama addict since 2016 and in love with IU ever. 

I gained massive respect for Korean culture via consuming K-Pop (Blink for the longest time and recently loving (G)I-DLE a lot), K-Movies (before the pre-Parasite era), and K-Webtoons (Line Webtoon is my goto app, Lookism & Bastard were my gateways). 

K-Dramas are more than a hobby for me as they not only increased my empathy and EQ (Emotional Quotient) but they also gave me the space where I am just with myself and think about the humane lives of the characters in front of me and how they relate to me and the people around me even though I live around 5583 km away from Seoul in India. (In India, male K-Drama watchers are rarest of the rare breed since 2016)

I have no shame in revealing that I have cried the most in my life when watching these dramas and in turn, they gave me emotional support when I was at my most vulnerable in my life.

K-Dramas contrary to popular belief are not only typical Rom-coms but sometimes they also present the most heartwarming, most cheerful, and most important aspects of life which you have to see to believe it. 

Hopefully, I will continue this journey for the rest of my life and one day will get to visit the land of Han which has created many of the world's best stories of human lives.


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