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The U.S but my heart is in South Korea ")


The U.S but my heart is in South Korea ")

Hi Everyone!!

 ❃ About Me

Hi, I'm Madeleine! I'm an extreme K-Pop multistan but my first encounter with Asian entertainment was with Chinese dramas. I started really loving dramas almost a year after discovering K-Pop despite the fact that I'd watched dramas first. I only watched my first Asian drama in 2019 (A Love So Beautiful (Chinese version)). My favourite genre in dramas is undoubtedly romance... is what I would've said before, but now that I've discovered so many other great genres in the Asian drama world, I can't choose!

My Obsessions

(Click on the images for a song)

Basically everything is in construction and probably will be for eternity *Crying emoji* Hope you still read on!

                                                                                                        *Squeals in Jaehyun*

My first drama was 'A Love So Beautiful' and then I watched 'Meteor Garden' shortly after that, so I started out watching Chinese dramas but I've branched out and mostly watch Korean dramas now. I don't think I've watched any other dramas besides Korean, Chinese, and some Thai, but I hope to in the future!

***Click on the images to see their MyDramaList page

Favourite Dramas Of All Time

                    Doom At Your Service                                                                 Sweet Home          

                                                                           A Love So Beautiful                                                          Our Beloved Summer

              Romance Is A Bonus Book                                                    Alchemy Of Souls


                                                                                       Goblin                                                                        Weak Hero Class 1

                    Twinkling Watermelon                Happiness


Other Favourite Dramas

                                                         Squid Game                The King's Affection                Love Alarm


Favourite Actors (Click here for a list)

Clubs I'm A Part Of On MDL

And now for my favourite part... K-Pop

***Click on the pictures and band names to go to two of my favourite songs of theirs

***Click on the 3 and 4 for a third or fourth song from them

(I have other bands to add)

K-Pop Bands I Stan

                                BTS                                                                 Seventeen (3) (4)

                                                      Ateez                                                                                                     NCT

        Stray Kids (3) (4) (Click here for a playlist)                                                     TXT


                                                   EXO                                                                                            Pentagon

                                                 TWICE                                                                            GOT7

                                                    Shinee                                                                                            CIX (3)


                                                                                                                                     Monsta X (Click here for a playlist)

                                              The Rose (3)                                            (I recommend every full English Monsta X song)   

                                          Day6 (3) (4)                                                                                Woodz (3) (4)


(Click on the idol's name and the first picture for two songs by them)

My Favourite K-Pop Idols


One of my favourite idols from my first K-Pop group. Jimin, you'll always be with me.


Immediately clicked with him, BamBam's personality is superior and I love it so much.


Dokyeom is way. too. darn. cute!!


I love his awkwardness so much, he's so beautiful and is a kind soul that I wish everyone could have in their lives.

P.S. Everyone chant 'best leader' when Chan is around, he'll get shy because it's true ")


He is such a laid back person, so insanely cute with absolutely no reason to be, and it's unintentional! Ah, to be a puppy. (HIS BRACES KILL ME, AAAAAHHH I LOVE THEM. And I.N's..... *instant death*)

*Me everytime I see him*

See you somewhere on here!


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