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I have watched korean dramas since 2005.

Have drama watching experience of nearly 20 Yrs 

if you add my prior watching of wuxia dramas.

My Fav Genres... 




Thriller ( Action, Political) as long as plot is good 

Supernatural ( More into hollywood type though )

Fan of some good SciFi

Lover of good Romance

♥Romance is not a pivotal thing for me to love a show.

I love shows with interesting plots and if they have main leads who can actually act.

For the ending, it needs to be a satisfying conclusion, whether it is happy or sad one.♥

Totally hate Horror though

Dislike senseless action and boring biography

Not a fan of BL (no hate on LGBT, it's just that I can't get into it)

Gourmet of all entertainment,  I am also into western series and Jap anime.


My neutral score ( show has some parts I love while hating other parts,it is enough to keep me going ) ....6.5

I  enjoy the drama during watch,but the drama has tropes I don't like or being on on hold list before completed....7 

If I can enjoy the drama  ...7.5 or 8

If it brings my uttermost enjoyment during my first watch( will recommend to my friends during first watch ) ....8.5

My Beloved List Starts Here♥♥♥

The drama I wanna rewatch during my free time..... 9

The drama may be imperfect,but  I rewatch again and again .....9.5

The perfect drama I watch again and again.....10

I wont force myself to complete a drama I dont like.

So my completed list may have 6.5 or higher.

The dramas I dropped or nearly dropped ....5 or lower

Dropped shows will be rated between 1 and  6 depending on three parts

For Acting , Directing and musical scores , each of them will be given  2 points 

****For the dramas which have score more than 6 despite being dropped

That means I really love the first half in spite of the hate I have for the second****


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