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Hi everyone! I saw that everyone had a fancy profile so I will too!

Ok, let’s start!

First of all, an introduction about myself:

  • My name is Sunny or 小太阳 (this is an online name)
  • I am a she/her
  • I am an ABC, I speak and write fluent Chinese
  • I mostly watch cdramas, sometimes kdramas
  • I am new to the drama world (joined because of quarantine)
  • I am in my teens (10-19, you guess ;D)

Next is dramas, these are some genres I like and dislike:

What I like in dramas

  • Strong leads (ML or FL, doesn’t matter)
  • My biases (hehe don’t judge)
  • Good storylines
  • Personalities of characters that match their appearance
  • Romance
  • Good chemistry
  • Themes: school, Wuxia, family problems, modern (some of them might not be themes but I like them)

What I dislike in dramas

  • Relationships are formed already before the story starts (like I say, the romantic part is in the process)
  • No chemistry
  • Teacher/student relationship
  • Big age gap (in the drama, not reality)

Ratings (I am very generous in my ratings)

  • 1-3 ~ ya I've never given any of these yet, i just drop them
  • 3.5-6 ~ it was pretty bad but I watched it sooooooooo...
  • 6.6-9 ~ hm, pretty good, i watched it and liked it, not worth re-watching though
  • 9.5-10 ~ wow I loved it and it made it to my favorites! I only give 10s to my ultimate bias's stuff hehe

Now, we can move onto some dramas and movies!

Favorite Dramas and Movies


Intense Love

Boy Hood
A Love so BeautifulGo AheadPut Your Head on my Shoulder
Love O2O


My Amazing Boyfriend


The UntamedUnder the Power
Love and RedemptionRomance of Tiger and RoseThe Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

These are my biases haha!

Favorite 小帅哥 and 小美女 (or you could say idols)

Favorite Actors and Actresses

Favorite Korean Actors and Actresses

Favorite Comedians/Entertainer

Jackson Yi (TF Boys)Roy Wang (TF Boys)
Lay ZhangSean XiaoWang Yi Bo
Ryan DingSeven TanHu Yi Tian
Song Wei LongNEXT7 (I couldn't pick only one)
Leo Luo

I also watch a lot of Chinese TV shows and competition shows hehe. Here are some recommendations!

TV Shows and Reality Shows

Happy CampKeep RunningDay Day Up
Dance SmashStreet Dance of ChinaHeart Signal
The Voice of ChinaYouth PeriplousProduce Camp
Welcome Back to Sound

This person is my FAVORITE Chinese singer of all time:

Charlie Zhou! ~ singer, super funny and cute, ANGELIC VOICE, LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC IT SOUNDS LIKE AN ANGEL'S (❁´◡`❁)

Favorite Singers

Kpop and Cpop are also the best!

Bon Bon Girls 303EXO

Ok, I also have an ultimate bias whom I also mentioned above....

Ultimate Biases

Jackson Yi! ~ dancer, singer,  youth group (TF boys) member, actor, host \( ̄︶ ̄*\))

Fun Facts:

  • 20 years old (only, yep)
  • He started dancing when he was really small, he participated in a lot of competitions
  • He joined TF boys as the youngest member (13-14 years old)
  • Sadly, he rarely smiles anymore, he is growing up and has a lot of pressure :(
  • His group (3 people) almost never come together anymore because of college and stuff, they are starting to fly solo!
  • He has a brilliant smile and I hope he smiles (naturally) more often ❤️❤️❤
  • He also has such a warm voice, watch this tv show, his voice really shows through
  • Read his bio for more info
  • I hope you fall in love with him too!

Phew! That took much longer than I expected. However, I hope I helped introduce you to more people (especially my biases hehe)!

Anyways, I’m always open to recommendations and friend requests. Just send me a message! Warning: I can get quite annoying soooo....

Bye! Feel free to ask me anything, anytime!

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