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Fev 7, 2019
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I started with high expectations but I was really disappointed. It was cute but there was nothing more to it. The story would have been very good but it was badly executed and badly written so in the end it's just boring, I've mostly watched it while doing something else.

The main plot is supposed to be revenge (I mean the main lead is literaly named revenge) but in the end it was mainly focused on the love story between the two main leads and the revenge is just put aside until the last few episodes. After the first 10 to 12 episodes, the story just drags on and on. It's a passable teen drama and maybe I'm getting too old to enjoy it, but overall it's way too cringy that it's hard to watch without wanting to throw away your computer. What bothered me the most is that they're adults but they constantly act as if they were 15.
The plot also included a sort of criticism of the Korean system of education with two characters close to the burn out, but they just mention it sometimes without really getting into the subject, which is a pity.

The great thing about this drama is the cast. All actors are very good in their own roles. Yoo Seungho has nothing more to prove, we all know he's a good actor, Jo Boah is also very good even though her character is sometimes very annoying, and Kwak Dongyeon is stunning as a villain.

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O Palhaço Coroado
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Mar 5, 2019
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As a big fan of Yeo Jingoo I was really excited for this drama. I was hooked right from the beginning, the story is really good and then, around episode 10 it starts to drag on and the second half isn't as entertaining as the first one. Don't get me wrong, it is a good drama but episode 10 to 13 focus way too much on the romance between the clown and the Queen and everything else is put aside, so I found them quite boring. I was really into the political aspects of the drama but sometimes the romance is too present, it's getting annoying. I like a little bit of romance in this kind of drama but for me it was too much for a political drama. However, the last two episodes bring back the political aspect in the first row, making them as enjoyable as the first ones. The ending though is too long as the last 40 minutes could have been done in 15.
The humour was enjoyable and allowed the viewer to take a breath from the tension arising from each episode.

The acting was VERY VERY good. Yeo Jingoo is wonderful in both roles, he portrayed really well the duality between the two characters and it is a shame we didn't get to see more of it. The scene in the first episode when the King and the clown met is, for me, the best scene of the drama. Jang Youngnam as the Queen Dowager was great, her acting in the last few episodes blew me away. All the actors are great in their roles. I'm a little perplexed about Lee Seyoung but in front of Yeo Jingoo, it's hard to shine, or maybe it was her character who wasn't that well written.

The music is good, especially the one they put at the end of each episode, it keeps the tension going up and you just want to know what comes next.

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Money Game
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They took everything that made the webtoon a masterpiece, and threw it away.

Great casting, based on a very good story, this drama had everything to become one of the best... but no.

The beginning was ok, but it started to get very messy in the middle. What made the story good was the fact that human beings are very weak in front of money, and they can do ANYTHING to gain more. There is no specific bad or good guy, only desperate people wanting to get rich. And that's what the show is missing. Here, they strictly threw the line between the good ones and the bad ones. They got rid of the biggest plot twist ever which made the main point of the story (won't spoil it to ppl who want to read the webtoon after watching the show). It's supposed to be a very complicated and psychological story, and I think that the show is not showing that AT ALL.

Biggest disappointment of the year so far.

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