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Fighting for Love chinese drama review
Fighting for Love
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by Kaptan
Fev 21, 2024
36 of 36 episódios vistos
No geral 8.5
História 9.0
Atuação/Elenco 9.5
Musical 8.0
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Female General

In my opinion, it was an enjoyable, exciting drama from start to finish. It was not without its flaws. When I read the comments, viewers and commentators were looking for logic. If they are looking for logic, they should not watch any CHINESE TV series. There is no logic in any of it. I have never watched another CHINESE TV series that said, "Let's follow reality and logic, let's not mock the human mind, let's not do unimaginable things." That's why I found such comments unreasonable. There may be errors. I'm not looking for logic. I was drawn to the beauty of the story. It was well acted, well directed, and I liked the actors. Yes, were there aspects that were not satisfactory? Was there any player who was not satisfactory? For example, Zhang Hao Wei did not satisfy me with his acting in this drama. But did he grin a lot? NO. Normal. It was a series based on female actors. I found the actress Zhang Tian Ai successful. I like it. First of all, it is another thing to start as a private and become a general. It gave that excitement, could it have been better? YES. I don't say anything to these. But it satisfied me. Our story was already a story of revenge. A woman, who swore revenge after her father and mother were murdered in front of her and with the participation of her stepbrother, disguised herself as a man and rose to the rank of general in the army, which she entered as a private. On the other hand, it can also be said that it is the story of a woman who, as the child of a noble family, had a high-level identity, saw the bottom, lived, and then rose to a high-level identity again with her own efforts. It is also a story of friendship, brotherhood and love. He reaches this level with the protection of the child of the noble family that gives him these opportunities. A love is born between them, but unfortunately, this story ends in disappointment due to royal events, jealousies and revenge. Just when I thought it was ending, it felt like there was more. I didn't expect such an ending. I think there will be a second season. I thoroughly liked all the actors who played the supporting roles, apart from the leading roles. Including child actors. Well done to the director's efforts. I recommend everyone to watch it.
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