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Let's Go To Rose Motel korean movie review
Let's Go To Rose Motel
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by JoanneSmith
Jan 11, 2018
No geral 2.0
História 1.5
Atuação/Elenco 2.0
Musical 2.0
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'Let's Go to the Rose Hotel,' according to Insight [8/18/2017, KR], 'is a work that deals with the issue of entertainer's casting, based on the same poetry poem by Professor Mkwang Soo in 1989.'    The net of my review of the film, however, is that this is a poor quality R+ film that doesn't have much acting and is really an excuse for what would otherwise be referred to as an 'adult' film.   While there is a minor story line, it is really to transition from sex  scene to sex scene.    While it isn't offensive, it is so low caliber across the board, that this review has been written to give you a heads up so that you can choose to avoid ahead of time (or not). I personally like to make my own decisions and decided to watch.   My reaction is that I wish I didn't spend the time -- if I chose an emoji to go along with my overall reaction, it would be a 'side smile.'  

Did I feel I need to wash my eyes?  No  
Did it jade my view of future performances of the actors in shows designed for the mainstream audience?  No  
Do I now think less of any of the actors in it?  Absolutely not.  All actors start somewhere.  It's their current works that I define my current rating for their talent.

If you are here to watch more than what you're used to seeing of Woo Do Hwan, you will surely do so.  It's worthy of noting this August 2017 disclaimer from Woo Do Hwan's agency, Key East Entertainment,  'Woo Do Hwan filmed the movie during a time when he wasn't known and didn't know how to receive acting opportunities.   He only filmed the movie because he was passionate about acting and happened to receive the casting offer.'      My thoughts simply are if you want to see a really good work by Woo Do Hwan, spend your time watching works from 2017:  'Save Me' or 'Mad Dog.'   He's a rising star and deservedly so.

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