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Hi! I'm Jadaine. I would be considered an introvert (INTJ) that never leaves the house but I love to make friends online! I discovered dramaland in 2017 through the anime world. 

I would agree that I am addicted as this has taken up around 1/4 of my life in the past 2-3 years. I can't remember my first kdrama but my first cdrama was 'Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms' and my first Thai drama was '2gether(which got me into the bl fandom ✌).

Unlike many other people, I have a passion for romantic tragedies and sad romances. While people may see them as disappointing or unsatisfying, to me, they are beautiful in their own way. 

If I disappear suddenly or go inactive, it's most likely that I started focusing on my life. I may start becoming more and more inactive but I hope I will still use the website.


Fluent: English, Spanish

Learning: Mandarin 


1-5: Never recommend and I mean the worst show possible out of everything. They are mainly wastes of space. Rarely ever rate anything this bad unless it's this bad. 

6: It is not really memorable and I forced myself through it or I just dropped the show.

8: It was pretty good and I enjoyed it. Not the best show I've ever seen but still enjoyed it.

9: Amazing! It is practically perfect! There is not much to change but a few minor details.

10: Rarely give these out as these are the perfect dramas or the ones that captivated me the most in a certain aspect. These are my favorites in every category from acting to the story to the cinematography.

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