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海誓山盟 Hǎi shì shān méng ♡


海誓山盟 Hǎi shì shān méng ♡

I Love ♡ Chinese Drama and music modern and traditional because they resemble romance and heroism of my soul, and I have the same or similar perception of what true beauty really is and what Love and friendship should be.

I like dramas which can inspire me, can make me feel, cry, laugh or smile, or can simply make my mood better and make my days be full of light. :) 

I love martial arts a lot, especially swords. So the sword scenes are one of my favourites. 

My favourite actors are Cheng Yi and Ding Yuxi. I cried a lot watching Cheng Yi's dramas and laughed and cried watching Ding Yuxi's. I also like dramas of Zhou Ye, Neo Hou, Li Hongyi, Chen Zheyuan, Zhao Lusi, Bai Jingting, Cheng Lei, Zuo Ye, Xu Kai, Gong Jun , Wu Chong Xuan, Xu Zhen Xuan .

The Best  C-dramas of all time 

for me :) :

  1.  Immortal Samsara.
  2. Mysterious Lotus Casebook.
  3. Love you seven times.
  4. Destined.
  5. Who rules the world.
  6. Love between fairy and devil.
  7. The Blood of Youth.
  8. Love and redemption.
  9. My journey to you.
  10. Eternal love.
  11. Moonlight.
  12. Back from the brink.
  13. Lost tomb 2.
  14.  Word of honor.
  15. Secrets of the shadow sect.
  16. Love better than immortality.
  17. Romance of a twin flower.
  18. Love behind the melody.
  19. Believe in Love (2022).

For those who are interested not only in chinese drama but also in chinese culture in general (I personally, liked the collection of poetry there a lot) here's a nice link :

If you are interested in chinese music  like me feel free to browse the list of my favourite songs on Spotify.                                                                                                                    

Like 95% of  it are different chinese songs and drama OST.


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