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About some drama preferences

FavouriteCan't standIrritated by

+ Strong leads (both male and female)

+ Aloof and cold-personality characters

+ Supporting cast with strong stories of their own

+ Mischievous leads

Whiny, pitiful or hysterical  females as well as damsels in distress

‒ Characters constantly playing dumb

 Romantic speeches

 Supporting cast whose only purpose is to make things difficult for the lead

Bossy parents

Black and white characters 

Love triangles


 Forced happy endings, the story being like "tragedy, tragedy, another tragedy - boom, an unexplained happy ending"

Ratings and Reviews

My ratings are 200% subjective. I like to keep my drama evaluation consistent, so I asses each drama/movie according to a complex system of weighted factors based on my personal preferences and irritations. That way, if a drama gets a painfully low rating from me, it doesn't necessarily mean the drama is bad, but it most probably contains something I can't stand.

0.0not rated - usually because I dropped the drama before I could assess it (dropped because I wasn't interested, or disliked an actor/actress, not necessarily because the drama was bad)
1.0 - 5.0fifty shades of really bad - usually dropping
5.5 - 6.5below average - lack of catching storyline and shortage of good characters, but there is still at least one thing intriguing enough to keep watching
7.0 - 8.0enjoyable but average - not too bad, but neither excellent
8.5 - 9.5highly enjoyable - usually with a great plot and characters and minimum of various annoying factors
dramas that made a hell of an impression at the time I watched them - I don't give a 10 easily and I lower some of the 10 to 9.5 if I don't feel any urge to return to that drama after some time

Welcoming new friends!

Don't hesitate to befriend me. If you feel like it, I am welcoming every opportunity to get to know new people, send me a message and we can chat. And because it's hard to befriend someone you know nothing about, here's few things about who I am:

• In my late twenties, a python programming enthusiast and love maths

• Seen my first K-Drama in 2019, but actively started watching Asian dramas in 2021

• Listen to all sorts of music, mostly Kpopmetal and classical music

• I also share love for killer whalesfantasy literature and Asian traditions

And what about you? ^^

W A T C H   C H A L L E N G E S

Custom lists

Feel free to explore some of my custom lists. I try to keep all of the dramas and movies I have watched, and whose ratings are above 6.5, sorted into following lists:

Excellent plot and lead characters

Just the leaderboard of best dramas (rating 8.0 or higher and minimal annoyance). :-)
Loved the OST/BGM

Soundtrack that caught my attention  (regardless of rating).

Boss romance

With a boss as male lead. May be a CEO/Chaebol, king/prince, general, or other high-ranking person.
Simple romance

Relaxing romances  with a happy ending and no tragedies or painful twists.


At least one of the leads being a doctor, and the story being at least a bit about medics.

A lawyer or a prosecutor as one of the leads, and some kind of plot centred around the law.


A lead within the military, police, intelligence or bodyguards.
Mafia/Shady business

About mafia, or at least some of the characters involved at some kind of shady business.

Political plotting

Plotting and scheming involving politics.

Story or a significant part of the story in historical setting - including fantasy.

Disguised person

Some kind of disguised or misplaced person. It can be a woman pretending to be a man, person transported into past/future, person whose identity was confused with another and so on. Generally speaking, one of the leads has an identity the other lead has no idea about. 

Great martial arts

Fighting scenes that are a joy to look at. Doesn't include magic fighting, just martial arts. 
Great costumes

Amazing wardrobe  (regardless of rating ).


It contains some kind of supernatural being (nine-tailed foxes, dragons, gods, fairies, grim reapers, etc.).

An ordinary person possessing supernatural powers or way too evolved technology.

K-Pop favourites

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