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Hello there~ I'm Rose

It took me quite long - but now i've finally found time to update my profile >.<

I'm still a bit confused with the new mdl (all the comments and such...) But i'm hoping to get a few new friends to chat about dramas

 A few informations about myself:

(♥.♥) 私はドラマが好きです。(♥.♥)

★ 나는 드라마를 좋아합니다.★

  1. 1. at first---  How i rate dramas and movies:

The best dramas are those that i can rewatch as often as i want :D (I think i've watched City Hunter about 8-10 times ;)

- apart from this there are those dramas that've captured me as long as they were airing, but i've lost interest as soon as it was over... They are my special favorites – good when remembering but not that good when rewatching (always with a rating more than 9 points)

  1. 2. The genres i like:

>romance!!! <3

  • - action 
  • - mystery 
  • - crime 
  • - thriller (without horror effects...) 
  • - school life 
  • - slice of life 
  • - comedy  
  • - historical, fantasy, martial arts...

I -->hate<-- tragedies and horror. 

Drama in a good romance movie is good but it shouldn't be too much (i don't like those melodramatic dramas... Even though i caught myself watching a lot of those this year >.<) 

+I hate love-triangles … (I hate it when the girl/boy sways between two guys/girls... when it's onesided it's okay -- but it shouldn't be too sad D:)

  1. 3. Then the actual rating:
10 the masterpieces
9 exceptionally good but has one little flaw
8 really good, but has no specially good part
7 normal
6 boring
5 + less than 5 points just rubbish :D (i don't have any dramas with the rating lower than 5 points because i'm really good when choosing Drama/Movies ... Or it's just dropped ^^;)

-----right now i don't have new guidelines for the 0,5 points. So currently those only show tendencies.

  1. 4. Comments

I like to write about asian dramas and movies - But i tend to get all fired up with it - So sometimes i really love/hate a drama (in my reviews) - even if i'm normally really realistic and neutral about the things i evaluate --So it's possible you read different comments and are wondering why in the one i'm so serious and in the other I'm too crazy----moodswings are a hassle -.-;

If anyone wants to have a recommendation about a drama/movie i'd be happy to give you an advice *.*--and if you know a nice drama/movie with a Happy Ending - well you know whom to write ^^ 

  1. 5. My [current] obsessions - arbitarily selected:




as you can see  


(Btw: My currently watching list has actually all dramas/movies i'm currently (trying) to watch) - I'm also frequently updating the progress ^^ So - if you want to talk about currently airing dramas feel free to~)

  1.                    I'm still waiting patiently... :D



Expect the unexpected.

  • Info: For a long time I've not been updating my friend requests-list. I'm very sorry about that. It's because i don't want to add you and then don't talk to you. I don't really have the time to write with a lot of people at once (T^T) since i'm writing my thesis since over half a year and will probably write it at least another 6 months... 
    So i'm sorry but please don't feel offended, if i'm not answering to your friend request. It's just that i can't be a good friend right now.  
    To all my dear friends... I'm sorry for not being that active at mdl. *bow*
  • Btw: If you want to see what the best procrastination-movies/dramas are, then take a look at my currently watching list and the movie/dramas i just finished. ....... *it should be required to go to a cinema to watch d/m ... then i wouldn't watch them anymore. My real life friends probably don't know my face anymore.*  D':


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