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?very happy place ?


?very happy place ?

My former name:       Filofretka 

Fav historical  cdrama  2024( My TOP 3 ) :


Favorite active actors: 

LC and WJY.

     ~only  for insiders ;)

Never argue with an idiot. 
They will drag you down to their level 
and beat you with experience.
~~~ Mark Twain


?My favorite inspirational  dramas’ lines

?Never frown , even if you sad , because you never know , who is falling in love with your smile ~ ep. 15, Romantic ‘23
?If people keep complaining
They won’t flourish

It’s like if you keep saying negative words
To a glass of water
The water will become cloudy ❣️
[ep. 12 ; min. 4:50 ; GZY; my journey to you ]
Face the wind , sand on your feet, kiss the sky” - (I told sunset about you )
“Why do you think so much about it
Forget about it , do-whatever you feel
Thinking means dreaming.
To be wise is to dream beautifully ~ Schiller

~Everyone is beautiful, it takes eyes to see it.
- May your days with filled with sunshine, may be roses in your embrace, may you have a shelter from the storm, may time be kind to you, may you always be a young girl at heart ( Find yourself, last episodes, last scene)

~Im filled with hope, for someone wandering in the dark even the slightest glimmer of light brings hope.

~Her apperance  isn’t  imprinted in me eyes but it’s etched  my heart  {A  familiar  stranger ep. 3, min.22}

~One minute of anger means 60 minutes of unhappiness
An hour  of  anger  means 60 minutes of stupidity

~Whatever happens,  happens for good
Do you know why I can live  so long, because I don’t care so much

~Have you seen a tree break its own branches?
A tree will never break its own branches
However, people brek those close to them
and even themselves
the Jeseon Psychatrist FOlge 1/ 36.46

~There ist no real demon in the world 
.Only inners demons cause disaster

~Wheraver I am behind my back is my way out

~One’s mortal life is like dreams and bubbles
What people desperately persue
Is no more than
The momentary pleasure that little bit of honey
( man of sword 21 min /21 folge)

~Look into your heart, and youll know what to do.
~When your heart isn't being honest, pain gives you the answer.(MS)

~Let's become great people.( MS)

~Believe what you see. ( Masters Sun)

~If your hand and legs are tied,  bite them your teeth, that's what makes animals ( love me and hug me e.8 Ende)
***Traveling is like dating, the excitement and rush that you feel before going traveling , the joy of learning about new and unfamiliar places and the sadness that comes at the end, when you about to go back to where you were.
~ hate being poor because I can’t be generous to others 
~Think outside the box 
~How do I know which place is for me the best…The place that fits you, will make you grow.( a tale of 1000 stars) ep. 9<<<<The UNIVERSE feels BIGGER after watching this drama

~Is there anywhere you want to go ?
I just want peace and quiet, can you keep me company?
Face the wind , sand on your feet, kiss the sky( I told the sunset  about you) ep. 1


German :

Mögen deine Tage voll Sonnenschein sein, mögen in deiner Umarmung Rose liegen, mögest du Schutz vor dem Sturm haben, möge die Zeit gütig zu dir sein, mögest du im Herzen ein junges Mädches für immer sein. ( Find yourself , ep. 4 , last scene)
Meine  Herz hat einen Schlag ausgesetzt, weil du so Süß bist.
Du solltest das Essen wie Musik und Kunst Sehen. Lebensmittel sind nicht nur zum essen.  Dr Vinci
Blick in dein Herz, dann weißt du,  was zu tun 


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