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Somewhere on Earth


Somewhere on Earth

Hello to all my visitors!

 I've been on MDL since 2013. By the time I'm writing this , I'm in my 10th year now. How fast time flies.... The people who I used to talk to about dramas/life back then became only memories now. When I checked my friendlist, I have many ghost friends... So.. MDL is the only place I feel free to pour my heart out in my drama watching journey. The place where I will talk about dramas when I want to. 

My journey in watching drama started from 2002-2003 era when Winter Sonata became a craze that sparked the beginning of Hallyu Wave. Those times , I remembered rushing back home from school  to not missed watching it on TV . But only in 2009 during my degree studies, I become a full time drama watcher. My love for drama started with korean drama   ▶️  japanese drama ▶️ thailand lakorn  ▶️ then I became an avid fan of chinese drama after watching a hit xianxia drama of 2017, Eternal Love. I even watched a few hindi, philipphine drama too as long as the story's good, the country did not matter . I was quite hardcore in my drama watching back then . What a fun time .

Now as I mature & hit with real life responsibilities, I still enjoy watching drama the same but become more selective in what I watch. I stick to watch drama following my preferences only. My taste also changed over time as I'm more into C-Drama & K-Drama these days. 

Genres I usually enjoyed : 

✅️ Romance

✅️ Melodrama

✅️ Comedy

✅️ Fantasy

✅️ Action

✅️ Xianxia

✅️ Supernatural

✅️ Mystery

✅️ Thriller

** With these genres , it is a bonus if the storyline is angsty. The more I will enjoy the story, the more I'm incline to it like a moth to a flame.

Genres I tend to avoid : 

❌️ Youth ( I used to watch youth drama but like I said as I'm maturing,  my taste in drama changing too) 

❌️ Life/ Slice of Life ( Why would I watch drama depicted real life problems when my reason to watch drama is to escape from real life drama itself)

❌️ Musical

❌️ War

❌️ Political

❌️ Sports

** It is a rare case for me enjoy dramas of these genres. If I force myself to watch, I know I will not enjoy it and give it a low rating. It's not fair for that drama itself and people who love it. So better not to watch it in the first place.

I have an obsession with grey hair male leads so this part of my profile is my treat to you :

Xuan Ye,  Ying Yuan from Immortal Samsara (2022)
Chu Kong from Love You Seven Times (2023)

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