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Hello there nice to meet you.I have been watching dramas for past 5-6 years just wasn't on  mdl. Just made this account to sometimes comment on a drama I like. As you can see there is nothing in my drama list yeah I don't add anything in it as I am literally lazy . 

Edit - 09/11/2023

I am alive 

So after being lazy for a while I have decided to add something about me. I am INFP but whose not really that emotional. I like to be in my world inside my mind. Dramas have a special place there. My most conversations I do are with me. I have a social phobia. I loved people then I hated them then I lost anything I feel about them. Yeah nowadays I mostly feel numb. I don't have any friends now cause I mostly ignored them for a while. 

Random thoughts - I hate to leave my bed. My father is quite opposite of me. He is ISTJ.  I wanna be like him in some regards of life. 

Another Random thought - Nvm that's a lot of effort I have to put its hella scary.



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