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When I got back from an LDS mission to Canada, I was lucky enough to find this site. I love acting, reading, sewing, drawing, beautiful men, and Asian dramas! (The last two go really well together.)
My Asian drama obsession started with coming across Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on youtube. When I mentioned to a friend how much I enjoyed it, she recommended Hana Kimi. (She meant the Japanese version, but I watched the Taiwanese one first.) And that began my journey into the wonderful world of escapism that is Asian dramas. ^_^
I started out with Taiwanese dramas (mostly starring Wu Chun), worked through lots of Japanese dramas (mostly starring MatsuJun and Kame), and now I'm working on Korean dramas (and gaining some Korean actor crushes). I only wish that more than just top 5 actors could show up on my profile page. ^_^

So... here's my top 10 Asian Hotties:
1. Matsumoto Jun
2. Lee Min Ho
3. Fujiki Naohito
4. No Min Woo
5. Kim Jae Joong
6. Jung Yong Hwa
7. Kaname Jun
8. Kamenashi Kazuya
9. Oguri Shun
10. Wu Chun

I like pixel dolling, so I thought I'd share some of my Asian drama-ish dolls... Celebs/faithcouple3.gif Celebs/faithcouple2.gif Celebs/faithcouple1.gif Celebs/drjingroup1.gif Celebs/dongjoo1.gif Celebs/mestalker1.gif
Bases: Faith dolls, Dr Jin dolls, Park Dong Joo doll, me & Kim Jae Joong dolls
For more, check out my website!^_^


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