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Person Who Gives Happiness korean drama review
Person Who Gives Happiness
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by DramaQueen0216
Out 22, 2017
118 of 118 episódios vistos
No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 10.0
Voltar a ver 8.0
OH! MY! GOSH! What an amazing drama this was.
I started this drama this on a whim and boy, am I glad I did. Ever since I started watching this I couldn't stop; I found myself binge-watching. Spectacularly done. Now let's get into this review.

Warning: By no means is this drama full of fluff and such. If that's what you're looking for then find yourself elsewhere. If, however, you are willing to take up the challenge of not breaking your computer/phone/tablet screen due to your anger, then this is the drama for you. This drama is all about ENDURANCE. Yes, endurance. You'll definitely need that for this drama. There are points in this drama where it will be tested. Trust me.

First off, I don't think people should be intimidated by the amount of episodes. It's going to have you so hooked you won't even know how fast the episodes are passing.
There is something I learnt in school when giving critiques about something or someone - 'Sandwich Critiques. You start good, mention the bad in the middle and then end good. That way, overall, it'll sound good and make people feel like they did good. I think this could have also applied to this drama. Give us some good, some bad in the center and then some more good at the end. But No. This drama didn't want to. From the beginning it was throwing stones at ya! BAM! BAM! BAM! One thing after the other. It seemed as though that things were just not meant to go the right way and things just went from bad to worse to 'worse-er' (if you'll allow me :D).

Of course it couldn't be all bad. We had an amazing ball of sunshine: Im Ha-Yoon. What a cupcake. We also had our side couples who would give us some laughs before we went back to the battle feel.

This drama really was a beast in some ways. But be not afraid, there is a nice pot of gold awaiting you at the end of the rainbow :).  Satisfying!
P.S This drama will just make you fall head-over-heels for Gun-Woo. This man's devotion is no joke! *Faints* Perfectly perfect (too bad he only exists in a drama)

Honestly, I don't think they could have picked a better cast for this drama. This is my first time meeting Lee Yoon Ji and I must say, she made me fall in love with her acting. She did a great job portraying the character. And boy! Can this girl cry or what? Her crying came so naturally for her - it was amazing. I'm sure after she was finished with this drama she had no tears to cry for a year. HAHA! As for our handsome man Son Seung Won - handsome indeed. Another oppa to be added to my already larger-than-life list! He's relatively new to acting and he hasn't had any main roles before this drama, but I think he did pretty good. And this was a long ass drama so yeah, 'pretty good' in an understatement. Kim Mi-Kyung, this ajumma that's everywhere tsk. I love her. I've only ever know her as a good person, so seeing her acting this evil was a punch to the gut for me. BUT she was so amazing in her role. I respect her. GO! Kim Mi-Kyung! This was also my first time seeing Lee Ha Yul in action very handsome. Not my first time with Ha Yun Joo; very pretty. They just had to play the bad role though, didn't they... Nevertheless, very convincing.
Shout out to the supporting roles. Honestly, without them this drama would have been as cheerful as a graveyard, if you get what I'm saying. They provided lots of laughs and peace to soothe the aching hearts of not only the main characters but the audience as well.  

All in all, everyone did an amazing job. They made you feel all the suffering, anger and joy along with them.

Honestly, I don't know. Was there any music in this? Hmmm. There was?! Oh, my bad. I was a bit too indulged in the drama to notice it. Yes, that's how bad I was.

Other Notes
Honestly, I really wanted to see more of Myung-Sun and Gwang-Soo. They were my sunshine in this drama. Too funny. ALSO! HOW! How could they not show us Myung-Sun's daughter at the end?! WHY? Why did you do this to me. An interaction with Gwang-soo and his daughter was much need....for me at least. I was so looking forward to that. :(

Also I felt like there were a few loose ends in this drama. But nothing much to worry about. Overall, it was great! Now. On to my next drama. Bye~
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