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I am from Central Europe, but grew up all over India and Asia.

 I  have been into Romance in whatever form and from whatever country since my childhood. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good romantic comedy and also heartachy romances. 
I also love thinking and talking about the different storytelling techniques, camera angles and symbolism used in Asian dramas, political and sociological backgrounds and how they manage to give you the right amount of dopamine hits.

My real first drama was "The Eternal Love", which really took me down the rabbithole of becoming addicted, as in, I watched it till 3 AM, even though I had to get up at 6:30, learning Chinese words and all I could think about was the plot and to be completely honest poor Mo Yi Huai. :heart:

This lead to, of course, many more Dramas, from all over the place and most of them are a treat.


My favourites so far: 

Lost Romance

Before we get married

1% of Something,

  Find Yourself 

 and Refresh Man

Don't be shy, say Hi and become my friend, if you like similar shows or just want to discuss storytelling techniques.


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