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Just an old gay daddy,  living a  private fluff-and-nonsense life with my wonderful [younger] partner.  Boys Love may be a fantasy genre to some,  for us, its our daily life (okay, maybe not all tropes apply).   We love the Japanese stuff especially, probably because I lived in Japan  and my partner studied Japanese.   Old Fashioned Cupcake hits home especially.

We love the Taiwanese realness, the super-slick Korean production values and the Thai humor and class dynamics.   So far, we've only abandoned KinnPorsche  and Papa and Daddy.  

Rating and reviewing BL is a challenge because every work has its good points, but many also suffer from bad editing, weird OST choices, clumsy product placement or just poor source material.  Budgets vary widely, and it feels unfair to compare a low budget work against major studio works that spend hundreds of millions. Since neither of us speaks Chinese, Korean, Thai or Tagalog, we probably miss the nuance in expression that we pick up  in Japanese works.  We especially have that issue with Thai works.   We try to read up and listen carefully,  and we pause and re-watch, but suspect that there are a lot of subtle cues we miss. Either that or, well, ahem, Thai quality standards aren't the same.

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