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Jun 29, 2018
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((I am trying, this being my first review in general, so let's hope it will be nice and okay!))
I have to admit I discovered this show before even knowing the cast, while here there was only the synopsis - and forgetting about it, while watching Crime Scene.
Anyway I followed every weekly release and now I'm waiting for the second season!

Story: as I wrote in the comments a while ago I was expecting something more on the lines of Crime Scene.
((for who don't know it's basically a "real-life game of Clue", where a set of fixed cast members and one different guest every week solve a mystery and capture the culprit by majority vote, using all the clues they find in the set))
What I got was something more along the lines of the Professor Layton games, and where - quoting the awesome Dirk Gently - "everything is connected". I really appreciated that point. The episodes were really nice but at some point I felt like skipping some points (and I did).
Just... I'm not completely sold to the idea they used to link all of them (that's the best way to put without spoilers, I guess)

Cast: I mean, of course I can't really expect much from the cast, being a game show and well, the "drama" side wasn't really what kept me watching. That said, their interactions were awesome, and I especially loved the bromance between Sehun and the older members (especially Kwang Soo). The guests were also good in their roles and they were a nice touch (even if I didn't really knew them, but thanks to Busted IG account)

Music: be honest I don't remember it? I vaguely remember the one that was the main part of an episode, and the one Sehun danced to......

Rewatch: I don't think I will watch again, sure it would be nice to do it and see that in a new light where you already know everything, but I don't think it's fun to watch mysteries again once you saw them solve everything once. Maybe I'll pick up some clips before the second season comes out.

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