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                                 Tharn's story (part I)


A year later

- "Mr. Tharn, now let's move on to a little more relaxed topics, if you could go back in time, is there anything you would change in your life?"

-"A lot of journalists asked me that question and my answer has always been that I wouldn't change a single thing. So I stick to that answer."

-"All right," the journalist murmured, -"Mr. Tharn, all your answers about the job are very constructive and clear, but as soon as you move on to other topics, you immediately give very short answers. You know what kind of magazine this is, for the fifth year in a row, you have been named Man of the year, by the female population, so our readers want to know more about you. Who is really Tharn K? How does Tharn K spend his days off? What happened in your life so in the last year no paprazzo has managed to take a picture of you somewhere with a new girlfriend. What interests our readers are these topics. "

Tharn shifted a little in his chair, always refusing interviews like this but his press manager thought Tharn's non-appearance in public would cause a lot of gossip, so this was an ideal opportunity to, as the manager said - "get back in the saddle" . Of course, Tharn consulted with Type first, because he didn't want to do anything that would put their relationship in an awkward situation. And here he is now, sweating in his chair as this very cheeky journalist gets mad at him.

- "Some questions I can't answer, I think you should ask those questions to my friends and employees. What I can tell you is that I'm like a penguin."

The journalist laughed confusedly:

- "Penguin? I don't understand."

-"I don't know if you know this, but penguins are monogamous. They have one partner for life. To win over their partner, the penguin searches the entire beach to find the most beautiful pebble to pick up and drop in front of partner. It's like a form of proposal. That's what I want, one lifelong partner. "

The journalist was visibly surprised by such a simple and childish comparison by the most desirable man in Thailand (and beyond).

-"It was unexpected, Mr. Tharn. I have to tell you that our readers will be very surprised. Speaking of partners, have you found that right person?"

- "I did, but unfortunately I'm still looking for a pebble."


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