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I’ve been obsessed with Asian dramas since summer of 2019 so I’m still fairly new but ever since I started I’m now addicted for life! XD 

My name is Becky, I’m 27  from the UK. I am a university student studying English Language and Spanish honours bachelors degree. I am studying to be an English teacher and I plan to move to South Korea once I graduate to teach many languages :) I like learning languages, watching dramas, I plan to travel to many countries and I am currently learning to play the piano. 

My first kdrama: My ID is Gangnam beauty.

Some of my favourite dramas: Uncontrollably fond, Tale of the nine tailed, Happiness and My Name

Some of my favourite Actors: Kim woo bin, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Bum, Lee Dong wook, Song Kang.

Some of my favourite Actresses: Han so hee and Bae Suzy.

I hope my introduction wasn’t too boring! XD Thankyou for reading! Have a great day :D <3


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