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Why "In Blossom"

Blossom, in the context of love symbolizes RENEWAL, growth, beauty, and flourishing of emotions. It represents the DEVELOPMENT and expansion of love over time.

I am just sharing my thought and feelings while watching this drama (writing this after I watched episodes 1-15). The genre tag as fake identity, suspense, and investigation must be taken into consideration before watching it.

I said that I prefer reincarnation or going back from the past than body/soul/face swapping because I feel more connected to the main leads.I'm one of those people who wanted evil Shagguan Zhi must only be evil Shagguan Zhi and same goes to Yang Cai Wei. But I did not conclude too much since the plot is just in its beginning and this is my first time finishing this kind of drama

After the swapping, I admit that it feels weird, and I hate that. I still kept thinking of ZHHZ (only means that she is a good actress) is more likely the lead than JJY especially during the interaction of good SGZ (YCW) and Pan Yue. Of course, I have my sentiments towards JJY because I am a fan. I was sorry because I cannot like the real Yang Cai Wei in Shangguan’s face 😅. Though swapping seems already a norm to them, I was touched to see how BXS and ZLJ accept SGZ (YCW) for whoever she is.

In the proceeding episodes, I started to like the character of the real Yang Cai Wei, and just today I realized that my love for her had already bloomed. I’m deeply engage in the drama to the point that my feelings resonate with theirs. Like Pan Yue right now, he begins to recognize his feelings towards Shangguan Zhi (YCW). I can’t find a proper way to say this that HIS LOVE IS IN BLOSSOM.

He undoubtedly began to fall in love with her and develop feelings for her, not only because she was his childhood sweetheart. It is better in that way (same as one user said here). The problems that they will face together are necessary for their deep connection. Just like a flower that starts as a seed and gradually grows, love begins with a spark and evolves into something beautiful and profound. 🌸

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