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Lenda de Yun Xi
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Jun 29, 2018
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No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 7.0
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Just finished this drama today! This was such a fun drama to watch, so different from majority of the historical dramas i watch (which have such heavy emotions).

i thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It has a good plot line (i know the synopsis told a lot but when you watch it, it's really not much) that also sets its pacing well.
We're introduced to YunXi, the daughter of the Imperial Doctor and FeiYe, Duke of Qin and the King's younger brother. The King and his mother does not believe him to be his actual brother because of an event. To help the King, the Queen Dowager ends up arranging him to be married to YunXi, who also harbors a secret. Their story then develops from there.
Apart from this, there is also the politic side of it, FeiYe's hidden secret, the secret plans from different Kingdoms, the King's own plots, and also those of his sons.

Super well done! They really played out their parts. I especially fell in love with our main girl. For most light hearted historical dramas like this, i find it hard to continue watching the main girl but for this one, i really ended up enjoying all her expressions, her scenes, and her emotions. FeiYe is your typical stone faced male lead at first but quickly ends up warming up. Their little romance is adorable to watch! and honestly, despite the amount of troubles that come between the two, they never really end up having bad blood or angsty scenes (even with that slight betrayal tag).
Another reason i stayed till the end of this drama was because of Qishao ;_; developed major second lead sydrome thanks to him. He played his part out sooooo well, i absolutely loved all his scenes!
and the side characters in this did not lose out too, they were well focused and planned out.

Opening and ending theme song for this was great and the music that played during sad scenes matched well.
Rewatch? i'll come back to this when i miss the second lead and the chemistry between all the characters here.

One thing- THE ENDING- its a really open ending (Eps49/50 are both different endings). I love this drama, not intense love but happy love. I'm really sensitive and it was only at the last episode that i cried my heart out.

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Desejo de Verão
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Jul 1, 2018
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Completados 2
No geral 8.0
História 7.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Musical 9.5
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"XiaMo, I am yours. and you are freedom's."

Just finished this and honestly, i don't regret watching this. I'm a fan of the original novel, i've read the manhua and watched both the drama and movie version of this. I wouldn't say this remake was amazing, but imo it did pretty well.

watch this if you like- alpha males, possessives male leads, love triangles, melodrama, boys over flowers+ soap opera feel
don't watch if you don't like- fake angle kisses& dead fish kisses (this irked me the most , melancholic female expressions, miscommunications, lack of trust

This started off really well, with a few scenes here and there changed, it stuck to the original story line; although they also added a business element to it.
Summer's Desire is a drama centred around its title- whata summer (XiaMo) wants. There are 3 main leads - XiaMo, Ouchen and Luoxi; you can't be certain of who she ends up with until the very end. For me, i rooted for her and Ouchen through all versions of this novel so this wasn't any different- despite the fact that watching this, realistically- i'd rather she not end up with anyone.
Anyway, back to the story. XiaMo and Ouchen are highschool sweethearts,dating, and Luoxi is someone who later ends up staying with her family. Ouchen is manipulative and alpha male possessive, while Luoxi is supposed to be secretive& bad boy dangerous. Luoxi then ends up falling for XiaMo so you can imagine the amount of melodramatic scenes in this.
With 36 episodes, a lot of details were included, and i particularly love the addition of the 2 brother-like friends they had added next to Ouchen. What i did not like about this story-line was the fact that they did not include much scenes of her and ouchen in their earlier years, nor the fact of how they met, that was pretty disappointing. I wanted so much more of her and Ouchen, as the later scene were so Luoxi infested. This also could have done away with some of the things that happened later in the epsiodes. The one scene that made me cry the most was the last episode when her brother was talking to her. I cried buckets.

Ouchen did not look like what i had expected but his acting made up for it. Qin Jun Jie really made the character Ouchen his own- out of all the versions ive watched, this is my favourite one. When he was happy, angry, mad, jealous, pained, etc. they were wonderfully executed out and that is one of the main reasons i rooted for him no matter what. As for XiaMo's character, there were times her acting was well done, then there were times when it was really plain, stoic and so melancholic. then we have luoxi, the fake and playful vibe were acted out really good, so were the pained expressions. i just didn't know how to feel when he really smiled lol.
Anyways, the acting for the rest of the casts are well done.

The music for this gets stuck the more you listen to it. I loved the opening songs, and they matched the songs well with happy/sad scenes.
Rewatch? Only for ouchen and xiamo parts;_;

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Mai 19, 2018
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No geral 8.5
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 7.0
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Okay wow, just finsihed it. It was such fun and exciting drama of 32 epsiodes. We get introduced to both Sa Do Chan and Baek Joon Soo right at the starting, and the plot just dives in. I would definitely recommend this drama for anyone looking for a fun drama of prosecutors and our con man ;)

[May contain spoilers]
This is a drama about how our conman, Sa Do Chan, who concidentally also looks like Baek Joon Soo- a prosecutor. Due to a number of circumstances, he ends up taking Joon Soo's spot while also having to deal with our main female -Oh Ha Ra, another prosecutor. I think this drama was fun and clever and I never felt it dragged. I like the smart villains were out smarter.
Many of us may consider this drama as Jang GuenSuk's comeback to dramas (apart from his side character in Hwayugi). Now this is one I can call one heck of an actor! Played as both Sa DoChan and Baek JoonSoo and the execution between these two characters is really smooth, I for one fell in love with all the expressions that our conman expressed *-* Heck, i wouldnt say just a double role,maybe triple? for he plays not only Joon Soo & Sa Do Chan but also as Sa Do Chan playing Joon Soo. Romance in this drama takes a backseat really, don't watch it if thats all youre going in for. BUT the chemistry between the two of them is defintely there, and so visible too. Not forgetting our side charcters! They all were very much involved in this, making a fully rounded team I hwoleheartedly fell in love with. As for the music, I honestly did not pay it much mind except the times DC played out his plans flawessly.

This drama ended as playfully as it started out. Rewatch? HECK YES. I went through such a range of emotions that I would very much welcome again. And a seson two if there is, but not hoping for much in that aspect.

Once again, if you are wondering if you should watch this or not? yes yes yes, a thousand times yes. Entertaining and crime-filled, with enough humour thrown into the mix. Still not sure? Get through episode 1. Gurantee suck in if you make it past.

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A Life Time Love
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de Avon
Jun 30, 2018
16 of 54 episódios vistos
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No geral 5.5
História 4.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Musical 7.0
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Dropped this after placing it on-hold for a whole year '-' I don't think i will be able to continue this with the way the story is going and how it's being paced. The chemistry between our main leads feel so dead. This is my first time watching Victoria's acting and i enjoyed it at the starting but the more the story developed,it became really hard to connect with her emotions.

if you don't mind the cgi effects being everywhere, then its fine. The scenery is beautiful, and the little fantasy animals placed in are really cute.
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O Romance de Hua Rong
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Dez 26, 2019
24 of 24 episódios vistos
Completados 1
No geral 6.5
História 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Musical 7.0
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This was an okay drama, one i would watch to pass time. The love story of our leads here is pretty preppy, as with all the relationships involved. The male lead even maintains a somehwat civil relationship with his love rivals lol. There is a lot of humour thrown in, and there is a main story apart from their love. It got draggy the more I watched, but i stuck through it just to see how they end and the acting of the ML made it bearable. Cant remember much about the music but watching this once was enough, wouldnt pick it up again.
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