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Bed on the Beach
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Fev 9, 2022
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Quite Interesting

This show is very similar to Singles Inferno but Singles Inferno is way better in terms of the relationships between the couples. In this show, the couples are very hot and things are very spicy and there is a lot of drama. But there was something that I could not understand. There is a conflict in the show and I really do not understand how or why the conflict leads that way and tbh I feel like Yoon really is sly as a fox. And I don't know if she is really playing the field or being sincere but she is very annoying. So I didn't like her, Juhyeon is my style but her final decision caught me a bit off guard because she didn't really make any meaningful connections with anyone. All in all, the show is okay and it is worth watching but it also depends on the person. You can also watch the episodes on Youtube, they have the English subs for it. Jella is definitely my favorite by the way even though she is the romance manager, she stole my heart with her looks, style, and smile.

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Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama
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Nov 27, 2021
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This show was really amazing. It makes you laugh, cry, get angry, and sympathize with the actors and actresses. It draws you in and makes you feel immersed. I loved ALL the actors and actresses and so far, this show has me on a cliffhanger needing more.

I really wish the best for the destined lovers, and I am happy regardless of the results. The actors and actresses are really nice and makes me understand how they feel from their perspective. The panel that watches the couples with us is also amazing and makes me laugh at their opinions.

I really enjoyed this show and it is definitely worth a rewatch!!!

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