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I really enjoy BL C-dramas (For the sake of censorship we shall not acknowledge it as BL) dramas like "The Untamed" and "Word of Honor".

Also when is "Immortality"


You clicked on this profile probably wanting to know a bit more about me.

So here is some subtandard information that I can disclose to you *Healer Energy activated*

My name is Abinina and I'm 22 years old.

Growing up movies, tv shows, cartoons has a huge impact on me and my personality is a mix of everything I've ever been obsessed with. E.G "Twilight"

I really like watching K-dramas as they are a good escape from reality to live in land where you can just enjoy fiction and worries of life are a little less, unless you watch "Start Up"

Cue crying over Han Ji Pyeong :\

Lastly I really like dancing and that is the only one thing I'm somewhat good at. 

When it comes to k-dramas I love watching melodramas. Something about the sadness k-dramas resonates with me alot.
By sad dramas I donot mean your typical "Moon Lovers" what I mean here is "My Mister" or "Sky Castle" where hardships of life are depicted in a manner that touches your heart.


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