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Cloud Recesses (Gusu Lan Clan)


Cloud Recesses (Gusu Lan Clan)

Hello there :) ( this is a link to my new discord group! JOIN ME ☺️) 

First of all, I am a big fan of BTS (Korean boy group) and they introduced to me to everything related to Asia!

I love watching bl movies / dramas / animes... But also Bromance :) so feel free to ask me for recomandations coz I've watched a lot of them! 

I'm open to suggestions as long as the series/drama/movie is NOT CLINGY! 


What I am watching now:

  • Word of Honor (Finished and wooooow!!! Flirting WKX and honorable ZZS are my favourites) 
  • Ultimate note (Finished and waiting for the other season!!!! Xiao Ge still my baby and Wu Xie)
  • Killer and healer (ep 9/37)
  • Manners of death (Finished!!!! Very refreshing genre)


Bromances (Some of the best I watched!!!)

  • School 2013 was the first bromance I watched back in 2018 and I loved it till now!
  • Guardian (First chinese ancient drama! Still my favourite and this introduced me to BL novels especially by PRIEST
  • The untamed + MDZS Anime (I have read the novel , watched the anime, reading the manhua and finally the drama... IT IS A MASTERPIECE!!!)
  • The sleuth of Ming dynasty (Very funny!!!
  • Winter Begonia (Very emotional,  see my review for more)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Jdrama watch club that I follow: 


Favourite K-pop Group and Solo singer!

Group : BTS

Singer : Kim Kyung Ho-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BL (The first ones + the best i watched per country)

My first ones 

  • Addicted heroine (Chinese)
  • Same difference (Japanese
  • Sotus (Thai)
  • History 2: crossing the line (Taiwan)
  • In between seasons (Korean)
  • Gameboys (Very sweet and my first Pinoy drama)
  • BL Anime


Some of the best per country 

  • Cherry magic! and Life Senjou No Bokura
  • Together with me theseries and Manner of death (My favourite BL Couple : Max and Tul
  • Your name engraved herein and all history stories
  • Where your eyes linger
  • All pinoy BL dramas 2020/2021


I still have a lot on the list so maybe I will update more but there you go for a first :)


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