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Hi, I'm Natasha, I'm french, 19 yo and I have currently been watching dramas for almost fouryears now. My very first drama was Time Between Dog and Wolf and is still my favourite, and that is also when I completely fell in love with Lee Jun Ki's acting. You could say he's the one who started my drama-addiction (I still go out though, just can't go for more than one-two months without watching at least one drama). 
Although I've been watching for some time, I still haven't watched that much due to my exams, and generally life-getting-in-the-way stuff, that's why I have many more PTW than completed dramas. I have lots of dramas I really appreciate, and tend to over-rate them for some dramas, and re-think my score with hindsight. And besides, most of the dramas I've completed are those I apreciate, if I don't like one I'm not even bothered to finish it, and just can't go on, and most of the time just delete it from my drama list since I can't really say I watched that much of it. That or I simly finish the drama by reading recaps, in order to satisfy my curiosity regarding how it ends.
Anyway, all I can say is I'm very passionate about dramas, simply put a drama lover!


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