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This is a story.  Last year I got into Blythe dolls and found a great youtube channel by a Korean woman that makes adorable clothing for Blythe. So every Friday I would watch her new tutorials which are in Korean with English subtitles. So, YouTube starts feeding me all kinds of ads and content in Korean, I guess assuming I can understand Korean language. And some of it was interesting so I started putting some of the shows on my Watchlist on Netflix. 

I had already seen Tunnel and fallen in love with Choi Jin Hyuk which led to Signal, Sisyphus, and the Voice, kinda Korean cop dramas. My almost 70 year old girlfriend and her husband kept dying to get me to watch Crash Landing on You but I didn't watch it until after my teenager had suggested we watch Squid Game back in 2021.  Algorithm feeds algorithm and suddenly I'm subscribing to Kocowa+ and Viki on top of the regular streamers and I'm hooked. 


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