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Moonlight Chicken thai drama review
Moonlight Chicken
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by Aaku
Fev 16, 2023
8 of 8 episódios vistos
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História 8.5
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 10.0
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Heart and Liming stole the whole series for me.

This series is a rough gem. The plotline is interesting, the cast is a top notch and the way everything has been portrayed from the storylines to the individual characters themselves absolutely worth watching. It's a realistic mess with a whole lot of feelings invested. None of the characters here are flawless. They have their own flaws and their own problems to deal with. At a first glance, it might look all dreamy and heart eyes but it's more than that. It's complicated and at the same time swoon worthy.

Starting with Heart and Liming because for me they are the best part of this series. They have my heart. They are so heart warming and so healing. I am in love with their love and I love both of them so much. Their small small moments, their subtle touches, their sign language interactions and even their eye locks damnnn I live to see their scenes. In fact if comfort was a person then it would be them. They stole the whole series for me.

Moving on to Jim and Wen, hands down to the acting of Earth and Mix. Their chemistry is no joke mahn. Their story is a total opposite of Heart and Liming's story. It's filled with tension, raw desires and not to forget angst. Both of them are individuals that are in a way broken and have so much to show and say but they can't fully express it and I honestly feel them. (P.S: Earth doesn't look like a 40 year old in any way but okay I am gonna look over that.)

And about Alan. Damnn First nailed it. The complexity of the relationship between Alan and Wen. My god it's too much to handle. I can't even figure out anymore who's at fault and more so I can't see Alan cry. It breaks my heart when he is sad but then when he is being sarcastic, I can't help but roll my eyes. Gaipa too he is a cinnamon roll . He is such a sweetie. Also Leng and Praew, this two are so cute together. Not to forget Gaipa's mum, she is so supportive and so likable. And I didn't really like what they did with her in the end. Also this series did feel like highlights.. like you know it's just parts of something and there's more to see. I don't know I just felt like it could have been better, ended better. But overall I would still give it a 10. Credits to Heart and Liming.

Also, a shoutout to the ost "Tommorrow". It had me weeping when I heard it in episode 4. Ford sang it with so much innocence and emotions plus hats off to the editing team. The song blended so well with all those scenes and that doubled the impact the song had on me. The actual mv in Gmmtv records is good too.

Highly highly recommended!!
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