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Tiger and Crane chinese drama review
Tiger and Crane
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by Nier Flores
Out 20, 2023
36 of 36 episódios vistos
No geral 7.5
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.5
Musical 8.5
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It's fun to watch. Just try not to be angry in the end.

In the last few episodes, it could have been better if that Qilin God (inside Brick's heart) have told Huzi that he is also a god as he's the son of the White Tiger God. That he doesn't need any help to activate the Phurba because he himself has divine power to activate it. But since Huzi still don't know how, Qilin God will help him activate it so they can go to that valley.

As for the death of the others(grandma,2nd master,mozi), well it is fine. But with Yimei, they could have done the fight scene in another place, then make Yi mei be injured so much but will still escape and go to her master's coffin (of course with the help of the white tiger), after opening the coffin, only skeletons remain. So she will use her remaining power to return her master's body into its original form. They will very happy to be reunited again, Yi mei will learn everything and then she will be very regretful to her wrongdoings. She will then ask her master to punish her by taking back her life, but her master will tell 'we made a promise to be with each other always. you made so many unforgivable things but this is because i have not properly inform you of it this making you misunderstand. Let's face this punishment together'.... then Yimei will ask forgiveness to the white tiger, thank her for bringing her to her master, then yimei and her master will then both disappear into thin air.

White tiger then go to Huzi. But after showing them what happened 500 years ago, there should be a nerve wrecking situation about the heart of the mt.god. They will all try to control it to no avail, so the white tiger will need to sacrifice her life in order to stabilize it. Before she disappear, she will then tell Huzi that it is time for him to be awaken, because that will only be the way to save everyone, Huzi is a God, he needs to forget all human emotions (which is being in love, happy,sad, angry, in other words- to be emotionless) *well let's say his mom fell in love with his human dad thats y Huzi's divine power got sealed*.

During the last fight, Huzi got injured and fainted, QXX died as his heart was taken by Wushang, Wushang went to the top of the valley to celebrate his new life as a human again, ZZ died (but her primordal spirit disappeared immediately and went inside a magical bead). Huzi regained consciousness & saw ZZ died and disappear, he went crazy for a moment,collapsed and became quiet,then suddenly, he started gaining his divine power. Everyone saw it and can't believe that Huzi is actually a god,not a demon. As QXX, Brick is still a genius healer; he immediately went to take the mt.God's heart ( of course he'll be heavily injured after) and put it inside QXX's body. This will make him posess the power of the Mt.God Crane. Then the 2 will go and defeat Wushang, and will also appease his resentments.

Those 2 (Huzi and QZZ stayed in the valley as Gods. Brick went and govern Qianyu state, Yanran because the chief commander(or head), Wudan and the rest as commanders.....

Then lastly, Bricks will accidentally discover a huge hibiscus tree, and he felt that there's something wrong with it. After some checking, he realised that ZZ's spirit is in there. He then remembered her saying she wanted to become a treee. And so Bricks will then say "It’s been so long Zhintong, i guess it's time for us to go back to D* valley. " then it will show Huzi and QZZ medidating separately in the valley.
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