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 My Favourite Drama until now

      Hospital Playlist

is about 5 friends who work at the same Hospital together as a Doctors. The story is basically how they manage private life and the exhausting job as a doctor. This drama give you a little of smile, learn  to never give up and keep going, how important family/friends are and really good music. Never ending joy to watch this show.

Itaewon Class

is about a man who stands against the powerful even in the hardest time he keeps going and put everything in his dream to show them what he made of.  He's hardworking to get money to open a small pub name "DanBam". He learns to know people who help him to get success and reaching great heights.

   My Mister

the main story is about a middle-aged man who supposedly leads a happy life and a  young woman who is drowning in debt and left alone to take care of her ill grandmother. The drama has a lot of ups and downs. You learn to love those very well written characters.


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