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Jan 5, 2021
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PLOT: There are many comments saying that this drama is boring or lame. But it is not. It’s funny, and fast pacing. As it was said or mentioned before, the drama plot will not focus more on solving corruption but will revolves around the life of Sung Yi-Gyeom as Royal Secret Agent (and a romance maybe). This drama is unique, refreshing and not your typical sageuk drama that has Prince or King as the Main lead. It’s getting more exciting as the story progress.

ACTION: There are few plot holes but regardless, the drama is pretty decent. The action scenes are not that powerful like any other sageuk drama but still good. I love the turning kick, flying kick, the punches. The fact that Kim Myungsoo trained for weeks to do the stunts alone without having a double, I’m giving him that credit. Good job.

ROMANCE: There was no Romance tag before the promotion of this drama. To those who keep asking if there will be romance or not, the first episode will give you hints (so better watch it).

CHEMISTRY: Some says that ML and FL has no chemistry, and that Kwon Nara looks older for him. Let me give you a fact. They were both born on March 13 but Kwon Nara was born in 1991 and Kim Myungsoo is a ’92 liner. So Yes, Kwon Nara is 1 year older. And maybe, you still can’t move on with Danyeon Couple – know what I mean (I’m one of them). I’m telling you, Yi-gyeom and Da-in chemistry (ship) is smoothly sailing. The way they give concerns to each other, then later on bickers, will give you butterflies. Also, Yi-Gyeom and Chunsam’s chemistry is so funny.

PRODUCTION: If you think that the drama is a low budget because their wardrobe is not as fancy as other saguek drama, well for me, it’s a No. The story is not about the Royal Family. The ML is not a KING or a PRINCE. He’s just an ordinary man working at the palace with a pretty good position so don’t expect him to wear that fancy thing. Their attire fits perfectly for each character and for every situation they are in. Though sometimes Da-in’s lipstick is kinda flashy when she’s wearing man’s clothes. The cinematography is not dull as what others think. Check your phone and laptop or tv. They have different vibrance, lol. :-D

ACTING: Though I still have hang-over with Kim Myungsoo’s character as KIM DAN, I’m loving his character now as Sung Yi-gyeom. He delivers the character well. His facial expression is like emojis. Kwon Nara on the other side is also doing a good job portraying as Hong Dain. Though I say, in the last scene of episode 4, it’s kinda awkward. Lee Yi-Kyung, as always… he makes me laugh in every scene that he has.

OST: So far, we only have 1 OST for the 5 episodes. They haven’t released the full version yet but N.Flying’s OST I’ll Find You is such a bop. KBS please released it soon.
So, for those who are having doubts whether to watch or not, give it a try. It’s a pretty good drama. See for yourself. We do have our own taste buds you know.
I’ll update my review soon

NOTE: Comparing this to MR. QUEEN is lame because they are of different genre and plot. Also, if you think the drama is underrated, well it’s not. The fact that the ratings for each episode is in 5% range despite having a strong contender (I know you know it) even before the drama airs, I must say it’s not underrated. So far, I'm enjoying this drama.

UPDATE: I won't say much. But I just want to tell you all that the story of this drama keeps getting better and exciting. Every episode is a must watch -- The blossoming romance between FL and ML, the complicated relationship between ML and his half brother. The problems that they have to deal with - corruption, murder and more.

UPDATE: I'm only giving this a 9.5 rating as I badly want season 2 for this drama. This drama ended with 14% for the last episode (such an achievement for KBS because it has been long (2018) since they achieved a double digit rating in Mon-tues drama timeslot. Too bad many viewers are sleeping on this masterpiece. It deserves recognition and hype too.

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