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3 A.M. 3D thai movie review
3 A.M. 3D
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by Rifky Nobu Mitsuki
Dez 2, 2020
No geral 4.5
História 6.0
Atuação/Elenco 4.5
Musical 5.0
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If you've watch 4bia and the sequel, better not watch this.

This is what I thinking after watch the film:
> The First story was too generic, everybody who's ever watch horror film would know where this is ends up but still the first good on building the atmosphere.

> The second story, the stupidity of the character that makes him suffering, and the "stupidity" there's really annoying for me, not really enjoy it but in the ending of the story that was so fxxing creepy.

> The third story, the best one, it's not creepy but it's fun and kind of sending a message of how dangerous prank is.

That's all I think.
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